Frequently Asked Questions:

Image Links

(Q) What is an image link, and how do I find mine?

(A) An image link is a location on the Internet where your image can be viewed. If you have shared your work on your website or on social media, then there is an address associated with your image(s).

To find your image link, go to where your image can be viewed on the Internet. Next place your cursor on the image and right-click your mouse. A drop down list of options should appear. Now select “Copy Image Address,” “Copy Image Location,” or “Copy Image Link.” (The exact wording varies depending on the browser you’re using.) Once you have copied the image link, come back to this web form and paste the link into the [Image Link] field above, or press (ctrl + v). That’s all there is to it!

If you have any issues copying and pasting image links, please re-read these steps and try again.  If you continue to have issues, please ask another participating artist how it’s done. Most will be more than happy to assist. Unfortunately we have limited time and resources and can only provide these written steps for guidance.

Please remember, the image you submit must be yours and posted somewhere on the Internet such as on your website, blog, or social media.


Reasons a Submission May Not Be Featured:


  • Watermark or copyright too large, or cuts across middle of image
  • Image submitted cannot be right-clicked
  • No image, or broken image link submitted
  • Image quality does not meet standard (pixelation, blurs, reflections, etc.)
  • Image previously submitted, or already featured
  • Inappropriate subject matter (no racism, hate, bigotry, slander, porn, etc.) 
  • Image too small (700 pixels wide recommended / exceptions for tall images)
  • Submission did not include all required information

Note: Not all submissions will be featured. If your submission was not selected, there’s another event coming up soon! Submit a new work to be reviewed.  


(Q) If I submit something, do I retain the copyright?

(A) Yes, of course! The photographer or artist submitting work to the event, always retains the copyright. You’re simply giving Art of Day permission to display it (if selected) on our website(s), social media profiles, newsletters, and in promotional videos or event designs/graphics.

These are the types of Event Graphics (if selected) creatives may be included in.

(Sample) Art of Day TFF Gallery Edition Graphic


(Sample) TFF Art Event Curator Social Media Avatar Graphic


(Sample) TFF Art Event Newsletter Header Graphic


(Sample) Art of Day Featured Artist Videos

(Sample) TFF Art Event Commemorative Shirt Designtff_shirtdesign_2016_3


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