Mark Stewart (Artist) –
Drawing – Pencil drawings and graphic design by Mark Stewart aka MasCustoms.

drawing of a girl in a car looking out the window by artist mark stewart

Why does anyone ever make art when it seems so temporary in a sense? I, Mark Stewart Jr., make art because I love what I do. Ive realized that the average person only spends a few seconds to a couple of minutes when looking at a piece of artwork. There are those who actually do take the time out to actually see art. Even with the knowledge of the norm, I never let it discourage me from doing what I love to do. I do  not see myself doing anything else, career wise, other than something mainly art related. Anytime I was asked, as a child, what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always, I want to be an artist.

drawing of a girl on a beach in a bathing suit looking across the sand by artist mark stewart

A lot of quiet remarks were made about my career choice as a child, such as  it wont get me far in life and I’m going to become a starving artist. My love for making art started at the young age of 4 filling 18 x 24 pads of paper nonstop to my current stage in life and it wont stop. I’m basically trying to be involved, in every way, with the art world. I want to have solo exhibitions in galleries all across the world, do collaborations with some of my favorite artists of the 21st century, get into the design process of the sneaker industry, and be part of someones household art collection.

colored drawing of a red pair of shoes by mark stewart

These are only a few of my aspirations, but they still continue to grow as I grow, physically and mentally. I have been commended that I never feel like my work is complete. There’s always something more to do. When I feel done, I get a certain uplifting feeling like butterflies in my stomach and I start to sway around like I’m listening to some good music. My favorite part of seeing the outcome of my work is that it never comes out exactly as the beginning plan  for the piece, its better.

detailed drawing of two Nike shoes by artist mark stewart

I have somewhat come to an immediate tool to work with, but am not limited to any media. I love working in oil paints, but I also do graphic design. I have done at least some of every media: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, fabrics, etc. My favorite tool to use has grown to be the paintbrush. I can display so many different emotions from just one stroke from the paintbrush. This also works well with me because my art is a reflection of myself. However I am feeling at that moment of whatever surrounding I’m in shapes my art. Even though my art all turns out differently, they are all usually started the same way. My process usually starts by: jotting down words on ways that I’m feeling, then when I touch base on a word that gets me excited I start to sketch out ideas based on that word which usually turn out to become notes on how I would want them to be portrayed, I think about its limits like how far is too far for a piece Ive decided on creating, then I incorporate all my ideas related to the piece, and I choose a medium best to portray my idea. This process never really seems intentional, but it always starts that way.

My art now all have some sort of concept behind it or in relation to some experience in my life. I have come through a lot of different teachings for art and they all have been combined and slightly manipulated to what defines my art. I haven’t neglected and disobeyed any of my teachings yet, but I feel once Ive learned all the rules of art that’s when I can start breaking them. When people look at my work, I want them to relate it to themselves in some kind of way and ask themselves questions. How do they feel when they look at what I have created? What do you think my thought process was when I was doing the piece? Does it make you want to interact with it in some kind of way? I  have gone through a vast variety of stages in the growth of my art, but I feel where I am now is perfect place to be, mentally, when I create art. I have extended my art abilities to a variety of canvases: paper, cotton and linen canvas, computers, shirts, and shoes. I have been experimenting with trying to incorporate my digital art with paintings to my customizing of shoes. As long as I am still able to make art, I wont stop growing in the ever so tough world of art.

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3 thoughts on “Figurative & Still Life Pencil Drawings by Graphic Artist Mark Stewart”

  1. I want to be an artist but there is a problem i am to young i really love drawing that is all i do drawing is my life.

  2. Hello Mark,

    I am a friend of Mark Sr. :o)

    I have looked at your work on FB and when I saw this link I had to see what you are up to. First of all, I would like to tell you how jealous I am. I too am an artist (like you I pursued all mediums but currently am more of a “crafter”) When I came out of H.S. I had the same issue…WHAT are you going to do with art ??? So, here I am at Verizon working a craft business on the side…it’s my post Verizon career.

    You are blessed with talent and knowledge of the fact that an artist is what you are PERIOD !! Pursue young man…let nothing/no one stand in the way of your talents. BLOW UP !! and let everyone know you are here ! I will continue to follow you as you grow and let the world know who you are AND of course listening to your daddy LOL !! One day I may be luck to owm my piece of your original work.

    Angela aka MsCraftyDevil

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