Artist & Sculptor Luke Preston
“Most importantly, I have a creative itch that always needs to be scratched.”

Self taught sculptor, passion for figurative and portrait sculpture. My work is primarily based in observation, simply because its honest and no-nonsense. It provides professional credibility. I thoroughly enjoy applying my imagination on a well observed foundation. This allows me to produce more contemporary work alongside my classical. I am grounded in clay modeling and other media. Drawing is important to me keeping my observational skills in check. Mold making is another skill I rate highly, it allows me to keep quality in house.

Select few have been lucky enough to sit behind a potter’s wheel and feel the ‘zen-like’ nature of forming clay on a spinning wheel. 90% of those who have felt that have come back time and time again. This is how it began for me.

Ceramics began for me as a therapeutic method of making something from nothing. I’ve been slamming clay for 4 plus years now. Sure, it’s frustrating as hell, but the pay offs completely out weigh the bad.

I enjoy creating both function and non-functional forms. I hope that my functional pottery will help people put down their mobile devices and laptop computers and enjoy each others company. My non-functional pottery is created in the idea that people, in general, are a curious bunch that try to live rounded lives that are typically closed off at the ends. I’m very much influenced by George Orr’s philosophy how if people were made from mud, and no two people are alike, then no two pots should look the same. It’s more or less about observation.

Kinston University – Foundation Studies Completing with Distinction 2005
University of Hertfordahire – Model Design and Special Effects. Completing with 1st Class Honors.

Previous Employment:
Madame Tussauds Sculptor – July 08-July 09
Private Commission – James Brueton – Trader – Life Size
BBC – Restoration of antique wax head from Madam Tussauds of a young Prince Charles.
Private Commission – Marlene Secielle 1/3 life size

Sculptor Luke Preston Official Website –

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