S L Donaldson (Artist)
S L Donaldson was born in Germany in 1973. The vibrant cultural history of Europe intrigued her and molded her interests. Her artistic talent was quickly recognized, leading to an opportunity to study under Italian artist, Ricardo Blaszczyk. It was through his mentor-ship that she learned strength of line and color.

Upon graduation from high school, Ms. Donaldson opted to pursue a career with animals. She attended Oregon State University where she earned both her B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science. Over the years, painting and drawing were never far from her mind. She continued to create art only on a personal basis, with family and friends being the primary recipients of artwork.

The process of creating art and the joy that it brought to others resonated so strongly with the artist that in 2009 she chose to take her art to the next level, moving from a mere passion to a full-fledged career. Her art often draws upon her animal science background by painting realistic images of animals, but subsequently veering from the norm by applying unconventional colors or textures.

These bright, creature-themed paintings are only one aspect of the artists portfolio. The artist also paints the human form in a compellingly raw and thought-provoking manner. Each painting captures a split second of the human psyche in its most vulnerable state. Often seen as controversial, the paintings have resulted in emotions being brought forth in viewers that mirror their own, whether good or bad.

Ms. Donaldson currently resides on the Southern Oregon Coast where she is working on additional acrylic and ink paintings that expand upon her interest in gulls and other coastal birds.

Artist S L Donaldson Official Website – http://www.sldonaldsonfineart.com
Artist S L Donaldson Bloghttp://www.sldonaldsonfineart.wordpress.com
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