Piran’s Welcome to Velenje
Festival of Young Cultures – KUNIGUNDA 2010

NEW ROUTE to the culture – Underpass to Villa Bianka – Reviving of old Velenje

PROGRAM: In cooperation with the Institution – Foundation book Velenje, Lirikonfest, DUK Arsin and publisher Pozoj

Opening of exhibition of paintings Piran’s Welcome to Velenje – Repyja Repija
Friday 20 August, 19.00 in the Underpass to the Villa Bianka
(Three day art exhibition – from 20 to 22 August)

Painter Repy Repija was born in 1956 in Bihac. He studied at the School of Applied Arts and Academy of Visual Arts in Sarajevo, where he worked, between 1982-1987 as a freelance artist. In 1988 he moved to Berlin. This year, he began his Slovenian artistic episode in Piran.

Repyartrium Tunnel Parenzana
Exhibition 18. ­ 20. June 2010, Portorož Slovenia

My friend, painter Repy Repija come to an intriguing idea to prepare an exhibition in a 550m long tunnel of ex-Narrow Gauge Railway Parenzana , leading from Trieste, Italy across a coastal part of Slovenia to Pore, Croatia. 550 m long tunnel Valeta is situated in Slovenia and connects Strunjan and Portorož.

The Narrow Gauge Railway Parenzana was aborted before II.WW, but most of the tunnels and buildings along the ex-Parenzana railway line are now in use on a different way.

More information for Narrow Gauge Railway Parenzana you can find on following link:


President of Marathon club Umag, ing. Predrag Živković,organizational motor of International Essence SF Ultra Marathon “Parenzana – The Route of health and friendship”, Trieste /ITA – Pore /CRO, 123.8 km supported Repy Repija’s event and helped in realization of the project.

100 artworks on the exhibition Repyartrium Tunnel Parenzana

Repy Repija decided to exhibit 100 artworks in acrylic technique / format 90 x 90 cm / along the sides of tunnel, 50 of them at each side.

Short Biography
Repy Repija was born in 1956 in Bihac, studied at the College for Applied Arts and at Academy of Visual Arts in Sarajevo. From 1982 to 1987 he worked as an independent artist in Sarajevo. Repy moved to Berlin, Germany in 1988 where he devotes his time to painting. His studio is located in the Handjerystrasse 29, 12159 Berlin. In February 2010 he moved to Piran ­Slovenia where he lives and works.

Narrow Gauge Railway Parenzana – http://www.maratonumag.hr/Parenzana/Parenzana_ENG/Parenzana_index_ENG.htm
ArsIn gallery, Velenje – http://www.arsin.si/index.php
Lirikonfest Velenje – http://www.lirikonfest.si/

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