International Fashion Photographer Koby
Koby began his career as a surrealist painter. Captivated by what one could do with a lens, he began shooting photographs in 1994. Today, he is an Internationally published fashion photographer. His passion teamed with a diverse set of experimental influences gives him a competitive edge in the fashion industry.

Koby’s editorial work has been published around the world in Australia, Czech Republic, Russia, England, Washington, New York, Vancouver, Toronto and Spain.

Some of the publications include New York Moves, Neo2, No.Ise, Glow, Filler and Zink.

Koby has been fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading talents from Plutino, Judy Inc, Page One Management, Ford, Elite, Elmer Olsen, Next, Nam, Sutherland, Chantale Nadeau, Supreme, ING, DNA, Marlin, Red, Majour, Code and more Koby’s most recent award was fotoweek competition for first in excellence for advertising located in Washington.

Koby also regularly appears across Canada as a Photography expert guest speaker at college institutions.

Fotoweek DC International Awards
(Excellence in Advertising 2009)

Entertainment Tonight
Fashion TV (In Fashion)
Humber College (Guest Speaker)
Much Music
York University (Guest Speaker)

B East Magazine (Czech Republic)
Chic Today Magazine (London, UK)
Culture Magazine (Australia)
Filler Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
FQ Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
Glow Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
Ion Magazine (Vancouver, Canada)
Lush Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
Muud Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
NY Moves Magazine (New York, USA)
Neo 2 Magazine (Madrid, Spain)
No.ise Magazine (Australia)
Poster Magazine (Australia)
Playing Fashion Magazine (Russia)
Rouge Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
The Globe & Mail (Toronto, Canada)
The Washington Post (Washington, USA)
Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)
Zink Canada (Toronto, Canada)

Addison Gill (Supreme)
Alyssah Ali (IMG)
Amanda B (Mode Models)
Andrea Pearl
Ashley Hart (Next Canada)
Audrey Gair (Elmer Olsen Model Management)
Bojana (Elmer Olsen Model Management)
Chantilly (Elmer Olsen Model Management)
Claire Oleson (Code Model Management)
Crista Cober (Next Canada)
Eva Shaw (Giovanni Model Management)
Genevieve (Elmer Olsen Model Management)
Heydon (Elmer Olsen Model Management)
Irina Funtikova (Elite Model Management)
Jessica Lewis (IMG)
Jordan Robbins (Sutherland Models)
Julia Perera (Next Canada)
Kate W (Sutherland Models)
Matthew Coatsworth (Major)
Magda W (Red Model Management)
Marie-Eve Bergeron (Next Canada)
Michael Lanni (Ford Models)
Olda (Ford Models)
Robyn U (Elite Model Management)
Simona (Marilyn Model Management)
Tara (DNA)
Tegan (Elmer Olsen Model Management)
Tamara McDonald (IMG)
Yasmin Warsame (IMG)

Make-up Artists
Anna Nenoiu (Page One Management)
Annesley Broadhead (Cargo)
Beau Nelson (Plutino Group)
Claudine Baltazar (Artist Group Limited)
Elena Pacienza
GianLuca Orienti (Plutino Group)
Grace Lee
Gregory Graveline (Plutino Group)
Jackie Shawn (Judy Inc)
Jane McKay (Mac)
Jodi Urichuk (Plutino Group)
Julie Lynas (Plutino Group)
Mahfud (Ford)
Melissa Gibson (Mac)
Michelle Rosen (Judy Inc)
Sam Kozlowski (Plutino Group)
Sasha (Elite)
Shawna Bowen (Judy Inc)
Sheri Stroh (Plutino Group)
Stacy Hatzinikolas (Ford)
Sylvie Mazerolle (Judy Inc)

Hair Artists
Brennen (Judy Inc)
Dylan K Hanson (Artist Group Limited)
Greg Wencel (Page One Management)
Eduardo Mella (Judy Inc)
Kristjan Hayden (Plutino Group)
Marilisa (Plutino Group)
Shawn Laven
Susana Hong (Page One Management)
Tana D’Amico (Judy Inc)
Tony Masciangelo (Page One Management)

Alicia Simpson (Plutino Group)
Annie Lam (Plutino Group)
Christine Vieira (Artist Group Limited)
Costa Pavlou (Judy Inc)
Dwayne Kennedy (Plutino Group)
Gisela Castillo (Plutino Group)
Jessica Tjeng (Artist Group Limited)
Joan Balda
Juliana Schiavinatto (Page One Management)
Lee Sullivan (Plutino Group)
Peter Papapetrou (Plutino Group)
Rita Fiorucci (Judy Inc)
Serge Kerbel (Plutino Group)
Sarah Jay
Tiyana Grulovic
Yen Chen (Plutino Group)

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  1. It seems that Koby has gone far with career. It’s not an easy work, but he was able to manage his fashion well. His works are awesome and one of a kind.

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