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Luckily, for Kieran, his “inner artist” was born at the boyish age of 15. {I know! Totally unfair! It takes some of us a lifetime to realize our creative worth and to be comfortable with who we are.} Kieran’s “Artist of the Month” video (by The Art Trade), is chock-full of advice on finding your “inner artist”. However, if you take away one message from this video… I hope it is this: Don’t allow people outside of yourself to critique your work. Who are they to tell you what is good and what is bad? Love what you create. Be passionate about it. At the end of the day, good art isn’t based on “most popular vote”. Good art is art with LONGEVITY.

My newest work, like my work over the years, explores contemporary American society. It is a collection of new oil paintings that utilize the repetition and rhythm of concentric circles paired with graphics, as well as my signature watercolors that continue to be bold, fresh and alive.

The piece titled “Flirt” depicts two butterflies meeting for the first time on a summer morning. The vibrant colors capture the joy and heat of a summer day. The butterflies are suspended in a romantic timeless dance, but will they hook up?

The recent oil on canvas, “blackened koi fish” is a protest painting about the gulf spill, taking BP to task for the destruction of wildlife in the gulf coast. The media might stop covering the spill soon, but the story of the devastation won’t really unfold for years to come.

The watercolor pieces are a bold example of a fresh use for the medium. They are neo-romantic through and through. The vibrant colors of the divers explore the tensions between the fluid nature of the watercolor and the rigid nature of the photographs by controversial photographer Leni Riefenstahl.

My latest project, Vincent & Andy, is an affordable art site, blog and labor of love. I have never believed in art only for the elite, and I am always exploring new ways for my art to reach and impact different people who come from different walks of life. To check out my posters, prints and apparel, visit or visit

Current Exhibition:
Currently showing at CCT Gallery in Chicago and Jan Larsen and LITM Gallery in NYC area

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story and especially the photos! I’m a raleigh photographer and am constantly searching for photos that are different, unique and diverse to help my own craft.

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