Jožica Žigon – Portraits of the Universe

6.8. ­ 6.9.2010
Opening: 6.8.2010 – 19.00
Café CentraProgramme
Excellent Choice ensemble
Presentation of exhibition Marko Jezernik
Narrator Irena Dolinšek

Jožica Žigon, from Lokavec by AjdovšÄlina, Slovenia has her third life-period devoted to painting, to a hobby in which she has been active already ten years. Photos of the universe have always attracted her attention and on the initiative of one of the sons who is professionally involved with physics and astronomy, she decided to transfer a fraction of the beauty of space on canvas.

Space Art is a general term for art that comes from knowledge and ideas related to space, and is a source of inspiration and a means of visualizing the universe. Artists dealing with this topic, wish to express their ideas broadly related to space, linked to the infinite diversity of admiration both space and emptiness that surrounds us.

The decision to create a collection of paintings with motifs of very distant objects (galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, …) in oil on canvas technique on large formats, set before her new challenges. Solving the problem of layout design, layout of colors and detailed observation of iridescent shades and implementation itself, have forced her to study hard the motives and chosen painting techniques.

Pictures of real nebulae motives, made with a telescope Hubble, expressed in oil on canvas technique, seemed to viewers like surrealistic motives, created in the subconscious mind of artist , who is wishing to express his feelings and thoughts of distant space that surrounds us. Blending of the colors and composition – a portrait of nebulae, when knowing the scientific background, tells us about the artists refined expression of the perceived visions of distant nebulae.

Delicate, iridescent colors on the canvases takes us into difficult to imagine distance, the endlessness of universe space itself.
Jožica Žigon has started her work with a lot of will, patience and precision and first results of her work were presented in Ljubljana on exhibition at the celebration of the Year of Astronomy 2009.
Marko Jezernik

Artist Jožica Žigon Official Website

Her first exhibition Portraits of the universe in Pipistrel Research Institute – Vizionarna

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