"The Enchanted Walkway" oil on canvas by Ta Thaimakeo

When I was young from about 6 or 7 years old I would often be sent to the local shop which would be about a kilometre away, my sister would be preparing the evening meal and she would need something, some oil, candles or some such things, she would call me and tell me to go to the shop for her, I would dread it, it was a long walk and night would be falling, I would complain but it would fall on deaf ears and off I would have to go.

We Thais are very superstitious people and I would worry I would see something I didn’t want to see especially on the way back when it would be dark.

The walk would be through banana and coconut groves as in this painting, with a little wind blowing a scary place for a young kid to be walking through on her own, at the actual banana grove itself I would hold my breath and run through it as fast as I could too frighten to even open my eyes.

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