The Fifth International Biennial of Art in Ferrara
September – December 2010
Marko Jezernik, Piran Slovenia

The Fifth International Biennial of Art in Ferrara, organized and managed by Pro Art Association of Ferrara, will take place in the autumn of this year. The aim is to present visual arts and modern art at various locations in Ferrara.

As a novelty, a curators team at the national level has been drawn up for this year’s Biennial, which will be able to create a truly new art movements in the coming years.

Dr. Francesca Mariotti, already so far past performances Biennial curator and president of the Olimpia MORATA of Ferrara, will be joining fellow connoisseurs of modern art recognized to be involved in the organization of exhibitions and events from September to December 2010, which will create the Museum of Modern Art on various locations in Ferrara.

Scenes of exhibitions and events will be located in the historic center of Ferrara, which is under UNESCO’s patrimonial protection. Among them, the Estense Castle, the monastery of San Paolo from the 15th century, the former Stock Exchange Palace and other historic Ferrara locations.Artists from Italy and abroad will have chance to use a special striking and prestigious exhibition spaces in which they can display their art works.

More than 5,000 visitors have been on past Biennial performances, expectations for this year are much higher.

LUCI D’ARTISTA ­ ARTIST’s LIGHTS 18.-26. september 2010
IV. edition of ARTIST?s LIGHTS, will be held in one of the Ferrara monasteries ­ Monastery San Paolo ­ which is very suggestive place, so the opening of exhibition will be in the evening time to elevate the enjoyment of the lighting effects on displayed artist’s lights. The exhibition will bring together 15 artists and designers of lighting, who will present their lamps and revive the light works of the stage.
I got the invitation to participate from Dr. Francesca Mariotti, curator of LUCI D’ARTISTA. She saw my glass artworks on web sites where I have presentation of my glass works. I will exhibit six Art Glass lights, which are presented on the website Pittori Italiani, where I have my profile and on RTV SLO.

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