Artist Dennis Velco
I am striving to create individual pieces that are their own, yet can also be placed next to one another or in a series and be interpreted with a deeper and richer context and dialog. Every viewer brings their own life’s teaching, history, prejudices, attitudes and views that I collectively call “filters”. My attempts are to speak provocatively yet neutrally, leveraging these filters, to evoke the full spectrum of emotions and an opportunity for thought, dialog and insight. Although mostly a contemporary Post-Impressionist painter, I labor over the details both in planning and after painting. During my painting sessions I acknowledge my planning details while allowing myself full freedom to be influenced by the moment.

In my latest works I finger paint acrylic onto canvas. I don’t use brushes or other tools. They make me feel disconnected from my work and hinder my creative energy flow to the canvas. The paint’s own texture, viscosity and volume at the time of each stroke influences the outcome as it rolls off my finger and hands onto the canvas to be fixed in place.

In medium and approach, I can best describe my “art of mind” state as similar to the intense connection when two people who are deeply in love and are in the midst of making primal passionate sex. When they are soulfully looking into one another’s eyes and in emotional, physical and vocal rythmic sync with one another. Time almost seems to hover like a humming bird – motionless yet working briskly to stay right there – in that space – in that moment. I take my plans, my sketches or other reference material, set out my primary paints, mark my initial guides and then release that level of energy onto the canvas. I mix the colors with the same vigor and move between multiple canvases applying each color where it is missing.

You know I’ve been influenced by our time in the Los Angeles area when I say, “I have multiple paintings and projects in various levels of development.” That is true however. I like to work between several paintings at once. When not painting or spending time raising my son, I dedicate my time to creative thought, planning and sketching future potential individual and series works or taking field study photos.

I am the volunteer Art Curator at my church, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach ( In that role I am actively seeking new local artists to display in our ArtSpace. If and when possible I strive to choose that will inspire, challenge and reflect the values of the Unitarian Universalist faith and supported social action causes.

Recently I also became very involved in the expansion of the new California LGBT Arts Alliance attending its inaugural meeting both as a curator and artist. I am a founding member of the Southern California Chapter and leveraging my professional technology background and social media knowledge while building the Southern California LGBT Arts Alliance new web site. Once completed I’ll post a link to it here. Until then the groups Facebook Group can be found here.

Lastly, I “own” and manage the largest LGBT Professional Networking Group on LinkedIn with currently over 6,000 members globally. This group on LinkedIn is for all LGBT persons and our community allies. There are subgroups and one is dedicated to Arts.

My art prior to 2007 was signed as D J Caldwell as I legally changed my name to my life partner’s name in readiness for us to adopt our amazing son. It was not required, but I want to provide him a strong since of family and unity.

Have a great journey in this life.

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  1. I really like your work Dennis. I think the boy fishing is absolutely brilliant. And great job making art like this with your fingers.

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