Mark Noble (Artist)
Modern Impressionism Paintings

About the Artist
Mark Noble was born with severe dyslexia, which effects his language skills and ability to communicate. But he says art was the key to unlocking his thought and his language disability has made him more imaginative and artistic.

Father-of-two Mark, of Lias Road, Street, attended Avalon School in Street and worked for 18 years at the town’s Imco Plastics factory. But, inspired by painters such as Turner, he followed his dream to study Art, beginning at Strode College, excelling to attend Bath…

Through my work I am seeking to represent a personal vision of the sublime beauty I see in the diversity and wonder of the natural world. These images therefore address the complexity and grandeur of nature and through this look at the relationship we have with the world around us.

This relationship is at the same time physical, emotional and spiritual, and involves crossing that imaginary boundary that divides our inner emotional lives from the physical, tactile world around us.

I wish my paintings to represent a first step in the mind of the viewer towards an inner journey that will challenge their preconceptions of the natural world and set them on a path towards self-discovery.

Through the relationships between colors, images, shapes and forms that characterise this journey, it is hoped the viewer will recognise the fragility of our existence in the face of those primeval forces that make up the natural world.

The influences that have inspired me in my own journey are those artists such as Turner, who embraced the power and majesty of the natural world, and attempted to harness both its destructive force and its magical qualities to focus it (in a painting) into a single point of sublime beauty.

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Article by James Day

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One thought on “Timeless Landscape Paintings by Mark Noble”

  1. The notion of the sublime informs my own work. I’ve long been attracted to the idea that what is beautiful in nature is also often deadly.
    I spotted the Turner influence immediately.

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