Virginia T Coleman (Artist)
Paintings of Modern Museums

Artist’s Bio
My thoughts towards my work and the trajectory I am following have been constantly oscillating from the two-dimensional to three-dimensional. What I have come to recognize is that all these seemingly disparate paths have really been paralleling lines all coming to one pinnacle point. These paralleling lines of knowledge have grown stronger, bolder, and elevated my courage to stem off into my own realm of creativity. My vision is clairvoyant. My physical ability to extract these concepts from the two dimensional into the realm of the third and fourth dimension is now feasible. It is my seminal language, my own line that I am constantly grappling with. Never complacent in my current work I am always refining it into new poignant and provocative tangible art pieces.

I obtained my MFA in classical figurative painting studying the nuances of the human form, the complexity of pictorial space and the manipulative, visual sensuous power that a line possesses. I have known from an early age that the dynamics of three-dimensional thinking is intrinsic to my being. I obtained my B.A. in Architecture thinking that this would be my outlet. The built environment intrigues me, buildings embody the spirit of man, and they define the epochs of time. Buildings reveal mans greatest achievements and conversely mans greatest failures. The built environment delineates how we live, how we flow through space and time. The actual mechanics and nuances of architecture in its actual practice did not satisfy my overriding desire to express abstract concepts. I needed to express and reflect upon space in an artistic fashion. Extrapolate the latent and obscure semaphores that architecture and the built environment has over humans.

To view more of this artist’s work including her recent series of 3D sculptures made out of welded steel, please reference the links below.

Artist Virginia T Coleman’s Website & Social Media


Article by James Day

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