Sculptor Elsa Magrey

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My inspiration comes from the Nordic mythology, legends, and above all the spirits of Nature. Gradually, my work focuses on more abstract forms, often inspired by the plant.

It’s always the shape of the material that guides my work. I does not try to talk with the stone or wood.

Headstones vertical perforated with different patterns of foliage.

The verticality evokes the stones, fertility, hope to rise to a path of light as the tree extends its branches toward the sun, between heaven and earth.

As the plant increases and tends towards the light …

It all started with a seed, then slowly became the seed tree, with its memory tree where so many things have happened under its shade.

Then the tree became beam, the beam has watched over several generations of men, with his memory of beam.

Then the beam has become sculpture, with its memory and memory tree beam, building his new story …

But the story does not end there, what will his next life?
It will heat if the fire takes hold of it or perhaps food if insects become involved, fertile ground for the next life … trees.

Born January 2, 1980 Ussel, France.

From 1987 to 1998, to Clessé (71), where I initiates me to sculpture with my father, Frederick Leroy. First sculpture to 8 years in a small block of limestone country.

By 1995, working with my father at the Workshop Spur Pont de Vaux (Ain). Organizing numerous exhibitions of painting and sculpture courses. Numerous exhibitions across France and abroad.

From 1998 to 2003, Montserrat (83), works and exhibits in the restaurant of my husband, “The Vault”.

In 2004, creation of a workshop exposure Bourguet (83), the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon.

In late 2006, installation Bargème, one of the most beautiful villages in France and highest village in the Var, the NRP also Verdon.

Created in 2007 from the ART ART Gallery in Bargemon (83), in collaboration with Clotilde Zahaf, painter decorator (the illusion).

In 2009, back to Bargème with a studio-gallery.


DIJON (21): Post Office Grangier
DORNHAN (Germany): Gallery “Art”
SAINT CLAUDE (39): Tomb of Performers

ECULLY (69): House of Encounter. Celtitude Festival.
PORRENTRUY (Switzerland): Expo Ajoie.
Marignieu (01): Symposium “Along the paths of stone.”
Price Female.
Pontarlier (25): Chapel of Annunciation
AIX LES BAINS (73): The Aoûtiennes. Navig’Aix.
BRIDGE-SCORFF (56): Court Arts and Crafts.
SAINT PRIEST (69): The Carnières.
TOURNUS (71): Abbey St Philibert. Monks Refectory.

DOMPIERRE the ELM (71): Symposium on stone. Gallery European Forest and Wood.
MACON (71): Former School of Fine Arts.

DOMPIERRE the ELM (71): Symposium on wood. Gallery European Forest and Wood.
MACON (71): Former School of Fine Arts. “Celtic sensibilities.

SAXON (Switzerland): Realization of a monumental sculpture in Linden. “The Hangover of Arbarey.

FLEURVILLE (71): Gallery of Vines.
BARGEMON (83): Museum Gallery Camos.
Arhus (Denmark): KS Frederiksbjerg Ejendomme.

BARGEMON (83): creation of the gallery “Art of Art”
In collaboration with Eunice Zahaf, Trompe l’oeil
Bargeme (83): Gallery “The House of Gaston”
VEJLE (Denmark): realization of “Oxygen”, 6m x 1m x 1.10m, 15 tons of stone Estaillade.
Commercial and cultural center “Mary’s”.

VEJLE (Denmark): Gallery “Mary’s”.
Bargeme (83): Gallery “The House of Gaston.
THE SAME (83): Abbey. “Days Arts and Crafts”

Bargeme (83): creation of the workshop. Gallery street environment
DIGNE LES BAINS (04): Gardens of the Cordeliers. “Trees and other skins nests”
Manosque (04): Carzou Foundation. “The Trades of Excellence.

BARGEMON (83): Beddington Fine Art “Garden Gallery”
Frejus (83): “Base’Art. Fair and patronage of contemporary art
CANNES (06): lounge ARTEO
Rougon (04): Workshop Cesaroni


-Realization of two sculptures Oak 600 years. Gift of Mr. Longo, Mayor of Bourguet (83)

“LIFE” 1.80mx 1.10m, 700 kg, carried in the Workshop of the Fountain Bourguet (83) in 2006.

“IGGDRASSIL, the tree of life of the Vikings’ 1.80mx 0.90m, 700 kg, carried in the hamlet of Estang in Bargème (83) in 2007.

-Realization of a stone sculpture of the Estaillade, limestone Luberon.

“OXYGEN” 6 m and 1.10 mx 1 m, 15 tons, carried out in 2007/2008 in Vejle, Denmark.

These three sculptures have been commissioned by a Danish real estate developer, Jan Rasmussen, Frederiksbjerg Ejendomme for the interior decoration of commercial and cultural center “Mary’s” in Vejle, an area of 31,000 m2.

The opening of the first half of the center and the inauguration of the first stone sculpture was held February 2, 2008 in the presence of Mr Arne Sigtenbjerggaard, deputy mayor of Vejle (60,000 inhabitants) and 30,000 visitors.

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