Angelique Moselle Price (Artist)
Nude Figurative Art

About the Artist
Angelique Moselle Price is an artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Creating art about people and their inspirational traits, she captures the essence of what makes humanity interesting and unique.  She also creates characters out of her imagination that play out ideals and dreams she has for herself and others.  Furthermore, she works in abstract concepts challenging the viewer to access their own connection to her work through feeling.

Angelique exhibits her originals, prints and clothing all over the world.  She has been published in various art magazines including “American Art Collector”,  “Poets and Artists”, “Tattoos for Women”, and “International Tattoo.”  Moreover, she has been featured various times on the websites of Juxtapoz , Red Bubble, Deviant Art and she won the artist website competition for  She also won the Curators Choice award for “Art of the Nude.”  Most recently she won the SoJie award for “Originality in Traditional Art” for

Price’s heart is as big as her talent.  She consistently contributes to charities to raise awareness and money for various causes.  Some of these include, “Artrageous”, “Holly Street Rocks”, St. Baldricks and “  She has been a part of local charities for repairing her city after the flood, international charities sponsoring women and children  as well as various Cancer Benefits.

Angelique was born in Broken Bow, Nebraska in 1978. She attended 13 schools by graduation and settled down in Nashville where she still resides.  She studied fine art at Belmont University and Watkins College of Art and Design.  She also studied, and became a tattoo artist in 2005.

Price has created a large body of work done entirely in markers.  She has mastered this medium with remarkable skill resulting in an energetic and riveting execution. She has invented a method that makes her work stand out in its originality and vibrancy gaining her widespread recognition.

She is also adept with acrylic, oil and watercolor paint.  Her styles are vast in their differences and often seem as though they come from different artists.  Angelique enjoys experiencing the art that manifests by allowing herself the freedom to flow from one medium to the next without expectation of what it will become. “My art is my expression of me in relationship to my world at any given moment.  I don’t consider myself  separated from anything I am inspired to draw or paint.  It is always genuine and it only manifests if I am so attracted to the idea that it pours out of me.”

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Article by James Day.

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