Sayaka Ganz (Artist)
Sculpture in Motion

About the Artist
Sayaka Ganz was born in Yokohama, Japan and grew up living in Japan, Brazil, and Hong Kong. She has been living and working in Indiana for 15 years. Currently she teaches design and drawing courses at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW).

Using post-consumer plastic objects as her materials, Sayaka’s recent sculptures depict animals in motion with rich colors and energy. Her recent exhibitions include: “Objects and Spirits” – solo exhibition at the Robert E. Wilson Gallery, Huntington University, Huntington, IN, and “Convergence” – solo exhibition in the Visual Arts Gallery, Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne. Her sculpture “Ambush” has been installed permanently in the new education wing of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Her work can be seen on her website at

Artist Statement
Driven by a combination of my passion for fitting odd shapes together and a strange sympathy toward discarded objects, I create organic forms with thrift store plastics.

I was born in Japan and spent my early childhood there. Japanese Shinto beliefs are such that all objects and organisms have spirits, and objects that are discarded before their time weep at night inside the trash bin, or so they teach children at many preschools. This became a vivid image in my mind. I grew up moving to several different countries and the constant need to adjust to a new environment also gave me a strong desire to fit in, and to make people and objects surrounding me fit together to create harmony.

I use kitchen utensils, toys and metal objects and appliance wire among other things. I only select objects that have been used and discarded. My goal is for each object to transcend its origins by being integrated into the form of an animal or some other organism that seems alive and in motion. This process of reclamation and regeneration is liberating to me as an artist.

By building these sculptures I try to understand the human situations and relationships that surround me. It is a way for me to contemplate and remind myself that even if there is conflict right now, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together. We do not have to fit together perfectly with the people we love. Even if you see a wide gap in some places and small holes in others, when one steps back and sees the whole community from the distance there is still great beauty and harmony there. Even if some people don’t feel at home here and now, there is a place where they belong they will eventually find it.

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  1. Your work is exceptional. Typically I’m not a fan of modern art, but OH MY GOD I feel like I must get out of the way lest I be stampeded. Fantastic, and thank you for your contribution to our world.

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