Andrea Stajan-Ferkul (Artist)
Fashion Art Paintings

About the Artist
Color and I have had an intense relationship as far back as I can remember. It stimulates me. I remember wishing for the 24-pack of Laurentian brand pencil crayons; I only had the 20-pack. I don’t have a single favorite color – it is the potential of mixing paint and creating new color combinations, that can often be my inspiration long before subject matter.

My post secondary studies began in Fashion Design, but I ultimately graduated from the Interpretive Illustration program at Sheridan College School of Art and Design. I studied painting under the renowned Canadian artist, Helen Lucas. I remember her telling us that teaching was just a job and that she couldn’t wait to get home so she could tie her hair back and paint. I watched as her career took off and flourished.

Upon graduating, I spent several years working in the advertising industry as a fashion layout artist, creating ads for newspapers and magazines. It was truly a privileged, exciting and formative time ­ having received the invaluable mentor-ship by some of the top creative minds and fashion illustrators at the time. This exposure surely influenced and continues to be a source of inspiration in my style and subject matter. Years of Graphic Design further developed my style, as dedication to detail and strong composition, shaped the future of my work.

My work eventually became secondary during the many years of raising my family. This was a period of growth for me in more ways than one. First, my vision broadened as I began to see things through my childrens eyes as well as my own. And secondly, I re-immersed myself into painting and illustrating – pursuing the fine arts instead of the commercial. I experimented with textures and mixed mediums to create dimension, as backgrounds became an integral part of each painting.

While practicing traditional art processes with mixed media techniques, my fascination with texture is evident in the many collage elements that find their way into my work. I paint in many layers, repeating the process of adding and subtracting as the work progresses. While not exclusive to fashion, it is a recurring theme in my subject matter. Strongly aware of stylistic trends, I also enjoy interpretive room settings and impressionistic floral or landscapes. Several of my paintings have been published and internationally distributed. I have made a full-time return to my career in art and currently work from my home studio in Port Credit (south Mississauga). As an active regional artist, my work can be found in exhibitions across Ontario.

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Article by James Day

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