Eric Santerre (Artist)
Surreal Figurative Painting

About the Artist
Eric’s work is simultaneously irreverent and thought-provoking. They explore the grotesque and sometimes distort reality causing an examination of familiar topics but through a different lens. Through his work, the viewer leaps into Eric’s imaginary world where fantasy meets bare truth.

In 2003, after years of drawing, Eric started using the medium of paint to communicate his thoughts. Though challenging at first, his infatuation with expressing himself through acrylic painting forced him to persevere with the task at hand. He discovered techniques of conveying his emotions and thoughts on canvas that in the past he had never been able to artistically capture as accurately.

In his Verdun studio, Eric continues to explore various facets of his universe and transmitting his findings on canvas. His language is unique and emotionally charged while his topics cover a broad range.

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