Ugur Caliskan (Artist)
Mixed Media Sculpture

About the Artist

– Born in Eskisehir in 1964.

– Graduated from Mustafa Kemal High School in Ankara.

– Studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Gazi University between 1981 and 1983.
– Transfered to Hacettepe Unıversıty and there graduated from Health Administration Academy in 1987.
– Established Gallery ARTURA in 1985.
– His paintings had been exhibited in Gazi Museum, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Vakifbank, Istanbul Stock Exchange, IMOGA Istanbul, Museum of Paintings and Sculpture in Ankara, Museum of Erbil, CAGSAV between 1990 and 2000.
– Served in United Painters and Sculptors Association between 2000 and 2006. Edited UPSA magazine during this period.
– Have designed and made the suits of Anatolian Fever Dance Group since 2002.
– Established Galery ARTURA in Alacati in 2005.
– Organized TERAKOTA WORKSHOP and exhibition in which 20 artists involved in 2006.
– Organized ENGRAVING WORKSHOP and exhibition in which 60 artists involved in five universities in 2007
– Organized SCULPTURE WORKSHOP in 2009
– SCULPTOR WORKSHOP exhibition BEŞİKTAÅž ÇAÄžDAÅž istanbul 2010
– EXHIBITION / THREE GENERATIONS OF ART /Adnan Turani,Hayati Misman,UÄŸur Çalışkan ,ANKARA 2011
– 17 personal exhibitions performed.
Ugur Caliskan has been examining the entire findings of humanity on the basis of existentialism and expressing them in his art works. He has the point of view of constructive post-modernism and has serious criticisms on determinist formations caused by modernity . He believes that chaos has its own dynamics and exact truths increases the illusions in peoples minds.

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