Steph Tout (Artist)
Collage Oil Paintings

About the Artist (Translated from French)
A little, a lot, passionately!

“In 1998, the small chapel of Saint-Michel Locmariaquer at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, South Brittany, she exhibited for the first time.” self-taught, “she says humbly Without knowing that it has cracked the first match will be projected out of his shadow, in the uncertain world of the infidel Painting, exposed in full light to those of sepsis, struck agnosia, who believe they have Art and pictorial do know that poor fundamentals.

Today STEPHTOUT painted again and again and again … away by a boundless enthusiasm, an inspiration she is, picking, mowing, steals, sniffing her whole being before dying on the canvas as the exhalation of perfumes and scents of many colors out of each fiber exalted his body. In his hands insured, the brushes are subject to trial by fire of creativity, powerless to control this intense brewer, earned by the instinct of demonic jubilation divination. Endless.

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Article by James Day

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One thought on “Oil and Collage Painting by Steph Tout”

  1. Exploration…le collage
    Recontruire et donner vie à divers éléments, Rassembler les morceaux, Reformer une nouvelle réalité…
    Je pourrais parler de recyclage, mais cette réalisation je l’appelle “ART UP AND DOWN”Le travail est plus recherché, plus méticuleux:le thème, la réalisation demandent un choix déterminant des éléments, une minutie et méthodologie, une réflexion plus profonde sur le message à transmettre.
    La beauté intérieure, le regard sur l’autre, sur le monde est un cheminement…
    Bien à vous,

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