Simone de Knecht (Artist)
Architectural Artist

About the Artist
“As a three years old child she suffered from the gray and doleful colors she had been surrounded with. She grew up in a middle class-family. The father worked very hard and the mother took care for the two children. They did their duties. The atmosphere was severe and God-fearing. The sensitive child was aware of the emotional emptiness. As a result she began stuttering and retreated in her own world of imagination.

At six she attended the ‘Rudolf Steiner School’. It was the choice of the mother. It was then the fascination for warmth and strength of colors originated. The artistic child felt home in that environment. But at Grammar School she felt very unhappy.

It was an everlasting struggle with the common world, with the classmates who had other interests and the many dull books she had been forced to read. Imprisoned by the high expectations of her parents the marriage was an escape for her. Her beloved husband encouraged her artistic talents. But making the household and upbringing the three children took a lot of time. In that period there was an extreme need for self-expression. And so she started her career as an artist”.

Artist Statement
“I like both Nature and Architecture. Nature, the work of God; Architecture the work of men. I want to create a new and lovely world, in which beautiful forms and splendid colors are a predominant factor in every centimeter square, formed by layers about layers. The use of strong black lines in the work is of great importance. On the one hand, it accentuates the forms used, on the other hand it opens the possibility of unlimited colors, structures and relief. The visitor is lured into an imaginative world, with the nose glued to the canvas.

My first drawings were reflections of the inner world ( 1992 – 1996). They kept the visitor at a distance. The technique: oil pastel with Chinese ink on paper. 2000 I started to paint. As materials I use acrylic paints with all sorts of sand, gravel and little hidden objects.

Art is the most powerful form of communication between peoples, cultures and individuals. This lovely thought I recognized at the Bienniale in Florence 2007. With great pleasure I joined this exciting exhibition. I realized it opens the way in the artistic world internationally. There was great interest in my work.”

Artist Simone de Knecht’s Website & Social Media

Article by James Day

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