Alex Gross (Artist)
Fantasy Paintings

surreal figurative illustration people in water

collage art painting figures in water

surreal painting man horse wife

modern painting 2 girls moped

surreal black white painting campfire in woods

hyper realist painting girl  eating icecream on beach

realist figurative paintings modern women

surreal painting peacock girl

figurative paintings

surreal figurative paintings

figurative paintings japanese women

surreal painting wedding

figurative paintings

Artist Statement
Lately my work is influenced to a large extent by advertising, particularly fashion advertising.  I consider it to be some of the most beautiful imagery around, much more than most fine art.   And the irony of using such sophisticated and voluptuous images to sell these ridiculous, grossly overpriced brands makes the images all the more fascinating to me.  Other advertising interests me as well, since it is so omnipresent in all our lives today.  I can’t help but incorporate references to it in most of my work.

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Article by James Day

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3 thoughts on “Fantastic Figurative Paintings by Alex Gross”

  1. i want to know your process and your materials and the brands you use. I think your work is stunning and wondrous. THank you for sharing and inspiring.

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