Kenneth Powers (Artist)
Watercolors – Bring forth the more subdued feel for which I have been striving since I began painting.

Although I have been encouraged to be creative since I was a child, it is only within recent years I have desired to share my artwork with others. Whether it is through the use of drawing, music, or digital media, I have tried to apply my creativity throughout every aspect of my life.

After receiving my High School diploma from the small farming community of Conrad, Montana in 1987, I attended Montana State University until 1992 where I obtained degrees in Computer Science and Industrial and Management Engineering. It was during this time that I had a formal introduction to drawing through one or two university offered art courses. After college, I began working as a professional luthier and CNC technician for the Gibson/Flatiron Mandolin and Banjo Company and later Gibson’s Acoustic Guitar Division in Bozeman, Montana.

I relocated to Tacoma, Washington in 1998 and began a career in brass musical instrument repair. It wasn’t until 2004, however, that I began to officially draw and pursue the use of watercolor paint as a form of expression. I consider myself primarily self-taught and it has taken several years for me to develop a technique with this medium that has allowed me to accurately convey the artistic message I wish to share.

Watercolor paint’s unpredictable nature has shown me the power of allowing this medium to somewhat develop its own path during the creation of a piece and it is this charm that keeps me enamored with the watercolor creative process. It always seems to be the pieces that I feel will never work out early on that turn out to be my finest creative triumphs. I am drawn to the medium on nearly a daily basis and feel drawing and painting need to be a required part of my day.

As of 2008, I have been experimenting with the use of 18th century reproduction watercolor paint and have found that the paint behaves in a much different way than its modern counterpart but brings forth the more subdued feel for which I have been striving since I began painting. Some of the texture and granulation characteristics of this paint would not be possible with its modern variant. I find interest in the everyday mundane objects that we so often overlook and the textures possible with these paints help bring these objects to life.

It is with the inspiration of my wife and two children that I am able to continue to develop my skills and it is a mystery as to what the future holds for my work. However, it is my sincere desire that my paintings will continue to surprise, evoke emotion, and give as much pleasure to their viewers as I receive from their creation.

Kenneth Powers (Watercolor Artist)

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