David R. Morton (Airbrush)-
Airbrush Artist

David R. Morton 42, has been teaching airbrush for the past 14 years and airbrushing a total of 20 years. He was in the U.S. Navy for 3 years and the reserves for three more. After the Navy, David finished art school and found that you either teach art or you sell it, but airbrush allowed both. Academia was too structured for the flair that David wanted to incorporate in not only his own artwork, but in his teachings. David was inspired by the great airbrush talent of an artist in Indianapolis named David Crowe. David Crowe was a pioneer in airbrush to say the least. He took airbrush artwork into the fine art realm which sparked a passion for not only a new way to think about airbrush, but also how to instruct it. David has always felt that if you truly love something, then you will find a way to make it work in your life,you will encompass an unbridled unsolicited passion, and nothing will stop you.

David has taught a high school airbrush program for many years, ran many getaways and taught at local and international art store chains. David has always tried to set a higher standard for the airbrush skill beyond t-shirts and flames on cars. He incorporates faux concepts, glass, portraiture, 3 dimensional animation, illustration, and signage concepts. David has airbrushed t-shirts in dance clubs for many years and had his own art department in a very popular retail chain, taught for General Motors, Ivy Tech State College, and even been hired as a muralist for a very popular company in California and Florida. Every since David has started teaching, he has always had a passion to get people to change the way that they think about airbrushing and feels that through his efforts will eventually galvanize a sense of appropriation for the fine art community and artisans alike. David’s road toward success in airbrush continues with the grace of God as he constantly sees new and promising roads and opportunities on many diverse substrates and mixed mediums.

Artist David R. Morton’s Website & Fan Pagehttp://airbrushclasses.com

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