Sergey Tyukanov (Artist)
Fantasy Paintings

moon fantasy art and architectural painting

fantasy painting of ancient city floating over modern city

figurative fantasy architecture painting of tea party city

fantasy art painting of a flying bottle city with wheels

fantasy painting of city built on top of a giant rhinocerous

fairy tale art of old shoe city

fantasy painting of decorative fork and knife city floating over modern city

architectural painting of fantastic european city

fantasy art depicting incredible city of people

paintings of fantasy cities

fantasy art painting of ancient city at war

artist sergey tyukanov fantasy architecture painting

fantasy painting of a bird in a flying suit

About the Artist
I was born on the island Sakhalin, in a small town Poronaisk, situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. My childhood years passed far away from the so-called “civilization” and the only window to the reality that I had were children illustrated books. They became my fairy tale world which, although I have grown up, I do not want to depart with even today. Art has become my philosophy, my religion, and that fairy tale world where all my fantasies and wishes come true. The world of brushes , pencils, watercolors ,and miscellaneous bottles with inks and paints , which I endlessly love, have become for me a theater, where I organize everything in my specific order and create a spectacle to amuse myself. In this theater I am the director, the actor and the viewer at the same time.

I graduated Graphic Art of Khabarovsk University. I am freelance artist, took part in more than 200 international exhibitions. Collaborate with some galleries in USA, the Netherlands and Belgium .

Corporate & Public Collections
Bewick Museum of Engraving, Bewick, UK
Bristol Museum, Bristol, UK,
Frederikshavn Museum of Ex Libris, Denmark
Graphic Cabinet of English Engraver’s Society, UK
International Institute of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria,
Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art, Kaliningrad, Russia
Kaliningrad State Art Gallery , Kaliningrad , Russia
Malbork Castle Museum, Malbork, Poland
Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Chicago, IL
Mazereal Center Ministry of Culture Belgium,Casterlee, Belgium
Museum Ex Libris,Moscow, Russia
Museum of World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia
Portland Art Museum-Gilkey Center for the Graphic Art, Oregon, USA
Raisio State Library, Raisio, Finland
Sakima Art Museum,Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK

Artist Sergey Tyukanov’s Website & Social Media
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Article by James Day

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