Sandra Yagi (Artist)
Still Life Paintings

still life oil painting of a skeleton with lizards in the skull

oil painting of a skull with a snake by artist sandra yagi

oil painting study of skeleton with lizards in skull

dramatic oil painting of a skull with beetle and snake

modern oil painting of madonna and child

mythological painting of a man learning to fly

mythological oil painting of man falling out of the sky

oil painting of modern version of noahs ark

dark figurative painting of people walking blindly off a cliff

political painting of president bush, dick chenney, karl rove trying to climb into boat floating in polluted water

Artist Statement
Contemporary culture, human folly and an obsessive curiosity for the macabre provide the fuel for my subject matter. My work is inspired by the natural sciences as well as by the classical drawing techniques of the old masters, including anatomical studies by artists such as Andreas Vesalius and Bernhard Siegfried Albinus. My recent paintings incorporate anatomical imagery to explore the human psychological condition, such as cutaway skulls portraying our basic human drives and the thin veneer of humanity overlaying our animal nature.

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Article by James Day

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3 thoughts on “Still Life & Mythological Oil Paintings by Sandra Yagi”

  1. Hi, i was just wondering-what is the meaning behind your ‘madonna and skeleton’ artwork. I am curious because i have decided to anaylse this piece for my asssignment

  2. wow this is great work to are telling a story that is what happen to use today… This is work has a very historical quality to it!

    Jarrett T camp

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