David Lorenz Winston (Photographer)
Dramatic Landscape Photography

3 great award winning photographs of trees in the snow by david lorenz winston

fine art landscape photographer david lorenz winston

foggy landscape photography of road passing through trees

great photograph of tree covered landscape with an old rusted out car in front

classic photography of a tree lined baseball field covered in frost

great photograph of a frost covered tree

beautiful photography of a foggy country road next to an old tree covered in golden leaves

photographs of two trees in a field visible through the fog and snow

david winston photograph of trees seen through the fog

image of a foggy tree lined road by david lorenz winston

dramatic photograph of a single tree on top of a mountain with stormy clouds in sky

classic photography of a beautiful lake and a mountain with trees

beautiful photograph of desert sand dunes with a crop of grassy weeds in the front

subdued landscape photography of rolling hills with couple trees and covered in clouds

About the Photographer
David Lorenz Winston is an award winning photographer, internationally known for his nature photography. His crisp winter landscapes and stunning images of trees enhance art and photography collections around the world.

David is best known for “Solitude,” his image of a zigzag fence and tree taken after a fresh coat of snow in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To date, more than 250,000 posters of this quietly tranquil image have been published.

Photographer’s Statement
My imagery is about discovery. It takes me to places I have never been, places that free me from the pressures of a clock driven world, places that heal. I’m most excited when in tune with the underlying flow and energy of the ordinary. I seek to reveal the essence of a moment or place gone unnoticed. I love showing things in new ways, using the elements of surprise, mystery and playfulness, fused with design and movement.

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Article by James Day

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