Ross Kerr (Artist)
Graphite Line Drawings

abstract line drawings by ross kerr

graphite drawings

abstract drawings

About the Artist
A visual artist residing in the Republic of South Africa. My Artwork consists mainly of mixed media paintings and works in graphite on paper in the vein of Outsider/Naive Art. I do not attempt to make a sophisticated or intellectual statement in my work, but rather allow myself to be lead by the paintbrush or pencil etc, so to speak, and not the thoughts of what is wrong or right regarding all aspects of learned techniques and so forth. I allow techniques to be discovered and not taught. Being a self taught artist has worked dominantly in my favor, as the contemporary art world has taken note of my work as being fresh, uninhibited and different. Personally the latter is the supreme compliment. I am free in my work, and aim to please only myself, open minded art collectors and curators of exhibitions with a taste for up and coming contemporary artists, shrugging any lack of formal training, and purely seeing a significance and spark in an artists work and the investment potential.

Giving my painting titles are of the only real intellectual significance to me. Regardless of what a work might be visually, it is of importance to entitle my artwork candidly. A title speaks a thousand words, and this is the only occasion I develop into a state of thinking.

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Article by James Day

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  1. Thank you John-I am the artist Ross Kerr.
    Feel free to take a further peek at my work.
    Best to you.

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