Caio Fern (Artist)
Psychological Figurative Paintings

acrylic portrait painting

painting of person looking in two directions

acrylic portrait painting of a man

acrylic painting of a mans face

figurative acrylic painting alternative perspective

expressionist painting of a man which looks unfinished

unfinished portrait painting and figurative nude woman on same canvas

portrait painting of a person with hair drawn in with lines

portrait painting of a woman

front portrait and side profile painting of a man with hat on

figurative acrylic painting spliced into segments

figurative psychological portrait painting of a man

dark portrait painting by caio fernandes

psychological portrait painting by caio fernandes

alternative portrait paintings

About the Artist
Caio Fern, born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1975, studied Psychology at Universidade Paulista. Fernandes’ work is sometimes described as Realist, “though the sheer intensity of his work sets him apart from most contemporary Realist painters. With a highly individualistic style of painting, Caio reveals the raw physical characteristics and inner tensions of his subjects which proposes an intricate set of perspectives of the “self”, is apparent in his self-portraits. Though Caio affirms that a self-portrait can only be considered as a visual reflection of himself, “There is no conceptual speech behind it,” he believes strongly that the only important thing is the painting itself.”

Artist Caio Fern Website & Social Media

Article by James Day

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8 thoughts on “Dramatic Psychological Figurative Paintings by Caio Fern”

  1. Ciao’s work keeps progressing!!
    it’s been a pleasure to see the direction and growth
    he is “a mad dog in a meat market”

  2. Caio’s art is raw and eloquent. He never fails to intrigue me with his portrayal of the fractal self and his relationship with the world. Definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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