Janet Ternoff (Artist)
Cityscape Paintings

About the Artist
“Something that I love so much about your pieces is how they take you directly to a place or a time. I’ve lived in New York my whole life (until recently) and feel that I know every one of your paintings. It’s as if that place is a memory pulled right out of my life. I love when you can look at a painting and feel right at home. It takes unfathomable talent to make that magic and I can never help reaching out to an artist on those rare occasions!” Tracy.

This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with each painting.

My name is Janet Ternoff and I’m a self-taught artist living and working in New York. I create realist-style cityscapes paintings in oil. Most of my works are New York City scenes.

My works range from large scale formats to small paintings. Large format oil paintings are more detailed then smaller ones.

I like details and sometimes it takes me countless hours to create large painting. Details are important in my work because the goal I’m trying to achieve is to invite you to step inside the painting and feel the city life.

Artist Janet Ternoff’s Website

Article by James Day

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4 thoughts on “New York Cityscape Oil Paintings by Janet Ternoff”

  1. I agree with Terrill. There is this extra touch she has that just sucks you in. Her light composition is impeccable. In the bar painting, that light shining on the floor….makes my eyes squint…then shift your eyes to the mirror at behind the bar…and it actually causes my eye to cramp. just like looking in an actual glare. cant believe she is self taught. amazingly gifted.

  2. Janet Ternoff’s colour and composition control are amazing. What I love about her work is that it has that extra something I call “the touch” where the realism comes alive and I walk (or drive) into the painting feeling her feelings as expressed in the painting rather than just the ones I bring with me. Transcending – the paintings are more than what is real.

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