Sonja Danowski (Artist)
Figurative Illustration

realistic illustrations bird floors road

illustrations people berlin

building illustrations

illustrations of people

landscape architecture watercolor illustrations

figurative illustrations people working walking

contemporary art illustrations birds flying building children

About the Artist
I´m Sonja Danowski and an illustrator, artist and analogy archivist. The human memory works in chronological order. Not surprising that much gets lost as elements are continuously overlapped by later impressions and therefore loose presence and importance. Drawings are of analogue structure which makes them available to any combination and opens access to any element. Drawn image-worlds are timeless and available at any time.

Artist Sonja Danowski’s Website

Article by James Day

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3 thoughts on “Architectural & Figurative Illustrations by Sonja Danowski”

  1. ur drawings r simple n basic yet addressing d most fundamental issue; life. ur work take on a life of its own truly.

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