Marty Poorter (Artist)
Abstract Figurative Art

figurative abstract painting by marty poorter

abstract mixed media drawing and painting by dutch artist marty poorter

figurative paintings in abstract by artist marty poorter

figurative abstract painting of a man

abstract figurative line drawings

abstract expressionist equestrian painting

abstract painting of woman and horse

figurative paintings by abstract artist

portrait paintings by abstract artist

abstract painting reclining figure

figurative abstract paintings by dutch artist

abstract figurative painting by marty poorter

About the Artist
Marty Poorter is a Dutch artist with over 20 years experience. The theme of her work is the relationship between humans and animals. Marty studied at
-the Vrije Academie of Art the Hague
-the Royal Academy of Art The Hague
-Academy Minerva Groningen
Marty has regular exhibitions at home and abroad.Techniques are painting, drawing, etching and monotypes.

Marty tells about her work
My visual work is my way of speaking. My way of being in the world. My source is desire. Longing for gestures I have not previously made. Gestures that speak about how I look at the world from my reality. I am talking about the living world in its loneliness. Its separateness. In its being different. Without land, without origin. Suffering. Loving. Vulnerable, yet grand: strange! That mystery I want to show.

The beauty of nature and the relationship between humans and animals are to me an endless source of inspiration. I work from a non- thoughtful flow of lines and gestures. A game where I surrender to a kind of inner music. All images are notes of the same music which cannot exist without each other.

I myself am the outsider. The observer. The spectator who intuitively registers the things that hit me emotionally and are existential for me. As an artist I try to get a grip on that reality.

This desire arises in an almost haunting way and is my constant motivation for my work. This often happens on canvas in large format. The gravity of that search is visible in my large paintings. Often it is just not what I meant and then I do it again and again and again. You can see that struggle and despair. So I am vulnerable in my work.

On the other hand there is the playful side of the non-reflecting gestures that constitute images which I am often amazed about. It is a game. Everything is possible. I just follow my hand without thinking. In a state of apparent emptiness I surrender to a kind of inner music. Each new line is my own creation. Later I am sometimes surprised by the strange creatures that appeared. Creatures that both have someting of a human being and as an animal. As if they merge.

When drawing or etching or working with ink on paper I feel more free as when I am painting on canvas.Drawing is like an inexhaustible poem. In the rythm of my breathing it can continue indefinitely. Each individual drawing does not need to be good or beautiful. These are just notes of the same music and cannot exist without each other. But more than the other one has its own eloquence.

I think “the inside” is always strong. It seems to me that the strength of the interior is the source for me to create new things.

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Article by James Day

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  1. Dear Marty, Your artworks are very original and extremely beautiful. They are reflections of a special mind, loving the bond of humans and animals. I wish you great succes!

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