Shane Devries (Artist)
Surreal Fantasy Paintings

surreal fantasy painting

fantasy painting floating surreal characters


fantasy art painting floating stuffed animal by shane devries

stuffed animal fantasy paintings

fantasy art illustration giant smiling face floating over lake

fantasy artist shane devries painting

still life fantasy painting stuffed pokemon toy floating

fantasy art painting of octopus floating desert

fantasy landscape paintings giant robots

cinematic fantasy character art by shane devries

fantasy painting of desert singers by shane devries

fantasy landscape line drawings

fantasy landscape desert painting

surreal fantasy character painting mother and child

About the Artist –
I really enjoy experimenting with each painting and try and make each new piece more challenging for myself as I go along – mostly so I don’t get bored, really, and so that I learn new things and move on from ideas that I feel I’ve explored enough. I think the stuff I’m working on recently is a lot more interesting and complex than the earlier stuff. I deeply admire realism and representational art, so the contrast between the simple characters and the more detailed and realistic surroundings are my way of creating flippant versions of traditional or representational art from my own world. It’s really fun because I get the thrill of learning from age old oil painting techniques, but I get to inhabit it all with bizarre mind-wandering ideas.

The floating idea was more of a discipline really. Last year I was putting together a group of paintings and made a decision early on that every one would have a floating element to it. I find it helps with creativity to set some boundaries so that I get to explore different ideas rather than faff around with heaps of different ones. More often they are better this way too. I think there is something about floating and flying that’s appealing to everyone. I mean, I really wish I could fly, and I always have flying or falling dreams as most people I know do. So I think for those pieces the floating is almost like an emotion we can identify with somehow.

I think the landscapes are places I’d love to view from that perspective myself and they are inspired from everywhere – my family’s holiday pictures, places I’ve been, etc. The lonely creatures are just stragglers and oddballs that have been left behind. I like to imagine that there were once huge migrations of these weirdos and these are just the ones that couldn’t keep up and wander about on their own.

I think it’s fun to let people add their own explanations and interpretations. For a recent exhibition I wrote a poem about most of the pieces and published them in a book. They never expound too much, but add a few questions and add to the fun of the art. I have my own stories, but I like to keep them to myself and let the viewer’s imagination kick in. For some of the characters I like to imagine that they sat with me for a formal portrait. I can’t think of anything more fun than getting to have a line-up of strange individuals to do formal portraits of.

Artist Shane Devries’s Website

Article by James Day

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3 thoughts on “Toys Floating Across Fantasy Landscapes by Shane Devries”

  1. Hi!

    I love your work! Thank you for brightening my day with your magical creatures!

    I look forward to following your career and supporting you in any way I can.

    Thank you,

    Jason Martin Jablonski

  2. NOW THIS IS ART!!! This is what art should like if you are and artist that want to push the envelope!!An Illustrator you look to be, And should be commend, i don’t feel insulted by artwork..This art work is using using the street imagination but using a fine artist approach to it. I Like it!!

    Surreal this is!! but this is way it should be!!!

    Stipple artist
    Jarrett T Camp

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