John Malloy (Artist/Illustrator)
Illustrated Drawings

best drawings of everything touches everything album cover art by illustration artist john malloy

john malloy illustration of a girl in a tutu used for album cover art

illustration of a girl in new york city times square with the peace sign by artist john malloy

illustrator john malloy colorized drawing of a girl, humming birds, and a crowd of people walking

awesome illustration of a girl by artist john malloy

drawing by john malloy of band members playing instruments

illustration of a girl superhero by mixed media artist john malloy

illustration of a girl and boy hugging, colorized in orange and green

illustrated painting of a man with fists clinched by artist john malloy

illustration looking down from a balcony onto a lounge area with round table and circling benches

great illustrations of a crowd of people spreading peace in front of the taj mahal and an elephant

illustration of astronauts in space floating above the moon's surface

illustrated art by john malloy of people in a volkswagon bus promoting peace

family portrait illustration in a big city by artist john malloy

illustrated drawing of a girl in front of a beauty mirror by john malloy

awesome colorized drawing of a fish jumping out of water

About the Artist
Born in rural northern Pennsylvania to a cemetery caretaker and a coal-miner’s daughter, John Malloy began drawing at very young age. He later earned a background in old master’s style painting and has since been self-taught in fine art, illustration, comics, and design.

His illustrations have been featured in a variety of publications, including The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and the ‘Illusive 3’ Book of Contemporary Illustration.

In sequential art [comix] he has designed and illustrated musician-interviews for the award-winning Lemon Magazine, and is presently at work on a semi-autobiographical graphic novel titled, “Queasy”, which appears in Image Comics’ PopGun Anthology #4.

He currently lives with Amy, his heroine, and Lucita, his steed [a chihuahua].

He is available for freelance and commission.

Diesel Clothing/55 DSL, Monster Energy/Hansen Bevg Co, Business Week, Tiger Beer, Airtran Airways, KEXP, Focus Features, Dazed & Confused, Paste Magazine, Minus The Bear, These United States, Faesthetic, Lemon Magazine

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