Kinsey Barnard (Photographer)
Landscape & Nature Photography

outdoor photography by kinsey barnard of a beautiful golden sunset over a mountainous forrest

outdoor nature photography of blue clouds over a forrest with the moon above by photographer kinsey barnard

skyline photography of blue wavey clouds showing through a break in the stormy cloud layer above a darkened forrest by kinsey barnard

photograph of a firey sunset above a darkened forrest by kinsey barnard

sunset photography by kinsey barnard of bright redish orange clouds

snow covered trees with a purple clouds and rolling mountains in the background

beautiful outdoor photography of a golden sunset by kinsey barnard

photograph of golden clouds at sunset

outdoor photograph of trees reflecting in an icey lake by photographer kinsey barnard

many dark silhouettes of trees relfecting in the water

outdoor photography aqua colored river lined by forrest on both sides

amazing clouds reflecting on a lake with a sunken dead tree in the middle

bright yellow relfections of trees in water by photographer kinsey barnard

outdoor photography of a natural bridge in sandstone by kinsey barnard

amazing natural bridge photography by kinsey barnard

photograph of a natural bridge in the desert southwest by outdoor photographer kinsey barnard

photograph of yellowstone national park gysers venting steam and gas

outdoor photography by kinsey barnard of a beautiful lake shoreline with rocks grass trees and a blue sky

outdoor photography of a beautiful blue mountain lake by kinsey barnard

outdoor nature photography of a mountain lake reflecting the mountain peaks in the background

About the Artist
I am a Montana photographer. I have been doing outdoor photography for over forty years. Nature photography and landscape photography are my specialties.

The only formal training I have I got from California State University, San Luis Obispo where I took numerous photography classes and became hoplessly hooked. Of course, photography was very different in those days. One thing Cal Poly was known for was its motto “Learn by doing” and I have been doing a lot of photography.

I was raised on a ranch in California and from the time I could walk I spent my time outdoors marveling at the wonders of nature. I was raised a hunter and hunting with the camera became my greatest passion. I only began to show and publicly offer my photography a couple of years ago. Like just about everyone else on the planet the digital age was just too seductive.

I have an extensive photo library of stock photos. As a Montana photographer I obviously have a broad offering of images photographed in my home state. The Treasure state offers unparalleled opportunities for outdoors and nature photography. My work includes the more famous as well as the lesser seen and off the beaten path. In addition to nature photos you will also find an excellent selection of wildlife photography.

I also spend a great deal of time in British Columbia and Alberta. In Canada my favorite shooting generally occurs in Jasper and Banff National Parks. My photo galleries also include landscape photos, nature photos and wildlife photos from Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona and California.

I am a very prolific photographer taking several thousand photographs each year. You will always be able to find fresh photos in my photo galleries. All my images are offered managed rights, prints and note cards.

In addition to my stock photo galleries I also create limited edition fine art prints. These are my most creative and beautiful nature photography and represent one percent or less of my annual out put of photographic images. You can see what I consider my creative photography in my Limited Edition Collection or go to my website Kinsey Barnard’s Fine Art of Photography.

I live, here at my Montana ranch, much like Thoreau did at Walden Pond. It’s just me and my dog. In fact Thoreau has been such a great influence in my life I even built a pond and called it Walden. Golden Eye on Walden Pond

I am an old fashioned kind of country gal. I believe my word is my bond and any commitment worth making is worth keeping. My fondest hope is that when I die I am in the wilderness with a Nikon in my hand and a smile on my face.

Photographer Kinsey Barnard’s Website & Blog

Article by James Day

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