Jacques Vesery (Sculptor)
Wood Carvings

sculpture carving of feathers swirling around central point

feathered pot sculpture flowing out from bottom swirling rim at top twists inward

modern mechanical sculptured pot with one half of it carved with feathers by artist jacques vesery

hand carved sculpture of faux wicker twisting into a swirl by sculptor jacques vesery

faux wood sculpture vase with crack showing feathers by jacques vesery

hand carved sculptures of swirling feathers and another sculpture of coffee beans swirling by artist jacques vesery

two elegant feathered pots by sculptor jacques vesery

two charcoal colored modern vases twist at the top

highly textured and colorful vases by artist jacques vesery

sculpture balls on bases

two feather inspired sculptures by artist jacques vesery

About The Artist

Jacques is an Artist/Sculptor from Damariscotta [living in Maine for the past 20 years], creating wood art pieces. Prior to becoming a full time Artist; he served as a Submariner in the Navy, drove a Zamboni in Hawaii, was a Scrimshander (Scrimshaw Artist) on Cape Cod and worked as a Forest Ranger in Northern New Jersey. Jacques now works in wood, striving to create an illusion of reality. Although nature as inspiration seems obvious, Jacques’ vision begins with the way nature is repeated within the the “golden mean” or “divine proportions”. His inspiration comes from pattern and form more than actuality itself. Jacques has demonstrated/ taught his techniques and lectured on design in France, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and 28 US states at such locations as Journees Mondiales du Tournage D’art Sur Bois Congres, Loughborough University, Anderson Ranch, Arrowmont and Haystack Mt. School. Jacques’ work is in several public and private collections including the Detroit Institute of Art, the Contemporary Art Museum of Honolulu, Yale University Art Gallery, Carnegie Museum, Celestial Seasoning and Northwest Airlines Corporate collections.

Artist Jacques Vesery’s Website

Article by James Day

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