Sculptor Maureen Sakakini
From a young age I derived great pleasure in my ability to make people smile, in almost any circumstance. Having reached the beginning of adulthood I find that I am expected to be more serious. It is this root conflict, this inherent dissonance of getting older, which drives my artwork.

I feel that I live an interesting paradox, this need to be an adult, and the desire to retain childhood whimsy and innocence. In my work, I place two separate aspects of personality in front of the viewer to see which one they choose, the adult perspective, or the child’s. I feel that we are all divided in this manner. We all forget that who we were, is what created who we are. I find it interesting that people choose to forget that they were once children, and that others choose to forget that they have become adults.

My work explores these two outlooks through separate means. My robots, with their scanner bar eyes and laser hands, come from my perspective as a child. They are metaphors for naive expectation and wonder. My vases reflect the reality of life as a woman; they are, graceful yet torn in a manner that I believe many women are. I find that presenting these ideas separately affords the viewer the ability to decide to rectify them, or allow the indecision and ambiguity to remain.

Sculptor Maureen Sakakini Official
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