Lance Richlin (Sculptor & Artist)
Realistic Sculpture, Painting, & Drawing – An exceptional artist, a master of drawing, painting and sculpture.

great portrait painting woman

oil painting by lance richlin of a middle aged man in a tux standing in front of another painting of a woman in a elegant gown

close up detail larger oil painting

realistic nude drawing woman

realistic life size portrait sculpture of a woman by lance richlin

oil painting nude woman sitting next to a table with budha, porcelain sink, human skull and white dove flying above

figurative oil painting standing nude woman

portrait drawing black man

figurative realistic portrait painting shirtless indian man meditating

figurative sketch human form

figurative drawing muscular man looking to the right by

very realistic portrait painting of a man

great portrait painting doctor realism

San Diego Museum of Art – All California Juried Exhibition 2000
Representing L.A. 2001-2002
Frye Museum in Seattle
Laguna Museum of Art
Art Museum of South Texas
La Luz de Jesus 2010
the Hive gallery Los Angeles – 2009La Luz De Jesus in Silver Lake – 2007
John Pence Gallery in San Francisco – 2000
Lizardi / Harp Gallery in Pasadena – 2000
Ankrom Gallery in Los Angeles – 1987

Lance’s work is in the collection of:
Grady Harp, owner of Lizardi / Harp Gallery
John Pence, owner of John Pence Gallery
Victor Chaltiel, former CEO Baxter Industries
Milton Schwartz, CEO Checker Cab
Stanley Fishfader, former owner Coordinated Equipment
Anthony Newley, entertainer
Dom Deluise, entertainer

Lance is featured in an article in Blue Canvas magazine (April 2010)His work has been featured twice in Juxtapoz Magazine (May/June 2003 and March/April 2001)

Instructor Palos Verdes Art Center 2010, The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. He has instructed at Artcenter College of Design, Otis Institute, Santa Monica College and the Associates in Art (recommendations available) Lance now instructs Online with and gives classes in his own Atelier

Lance has lectured at California Institute of the Arts.

He is the author of a book on portrait drawing which is now a best seller published by Walter Foster Books in 2008. This book has been #1 in the U.S. Canada and the U.K. for drawing instruction.

Lance was an instructor of perspective, anatomy, figure drawing and figure painting at the Laguna College of Art and Design where he taught from 1998-2007.

Lance was featured in American Artist, March 2008 and American Artist Drawing magazine March 2009

Artist Lance Richlin’s Website & Social Media

Article by James Day

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