Elizabeth Caffey (Artist)
Figurative Paintings

surreal portrait painting by elizabeth caffey of a man with a pipe and smoke coming out of his pipe which form into clouds that swirl around his head

figurative portrait painting of a girl by elizabeth caffey

surreal portrait painting of twin girls with elongated necks and a time piece painted by elizabeth caffey

figurative painting of a red headed girl with twisting red hair painted by elizabeth caffey

illustrated painting of a red headed girl with an eye glass painted by artist elizabeth caffey

surreal portrait oil painting by elizabeth caffey of a white haired woman with very long neck and two animals looping around her shoulders

illustrated portrait white haired girl long neck wearing fur coat and standing in front of a circular window with clouds painted by artist elizabeth caffey

two figurative paintings by elizabeth caffey of girls with long necks one breathing out clouds and the other with a tree neck that grows tall and sprouts the girls face at the top

surreal painting woman with long neck holding a grenade

surreal lowbrow painting of a girl

surrealist and realistic portrait painting of a girl by elizabeth caffey

Elizabeth is a self taught painter/illustrator who currently lives and works from her studio in Quartz Hill, California. Her figurative paintings show a cast of characters who are complex and strange. The paintings have an ethereal, otherworldly feel. Her artworks invite the viewer into another world and at the same time uses the psychological aspects of the human psyche in this world.

Past Exhibitions and Events
Oct, 2010 “Hell Vs. The Monster Mash” themed show
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Sep, 2010 The Hive Gallery Group show and Performances
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Jun, 2010 Repeat Offenders
C.A.V.E. Gallery

Apr, 2010 For The Birds
Eclectix Gallery

Feb, 2010 “Night of the Nick-Nacks”
Gallery Meltdown

Jan, 2010 “Sub 1K: CA STYLE” & BIG SALE
Distinction Gallery and Artist Studios

Dec, 2009 “SUB 1K: CA STYLE”
Distinction Gallery and Artist Studios

Dec, 2009 “SUB 1K: CA STYLE”
Distinction Gallery and Artist Studios

Nov, 2009 Fiction, Solo Show
Rothick art haus

Aug, 2009 Cannibal Flower 9th Anniversary show
2079 E. 15th St., Los Angeles, 90021

Aug, 2009 Outside My Window
C.A.V.E. Gallery

May, 2009 The Congregation Gallery Presents: Voodoo, Hoodoo & Santeria – The Art Of Conjure
The Congregation Gallery

May, 2009 All-Gurlz Again
Eclectix Gallery

Jan, 2009 “WINTER LIGHT” A Season of Reflection
C.A.V.E. Gallery

Dec, 2008 “Price…Less 2”
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Oct, 2008 OCTOBER
C.A.V.E. Gallery

Jun, 2008 Group Show at the Hive Gallery
The Hive Gallery & Studios

May, 2008 May 2008 Group Art Show & Performances
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Artist Elizabeth Caffey’s Website & Social Media
Deviant Art
Art Slant

Article by James Day

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