Ľubica Lintnerová (Artist)
Fantasy Architectural Paintings

painting of a snow covered pathway through a european city by lubica lintnerova

painting of rooftops and a european cathedral with copper dome by lubica lintnerova

beautiful painting of a cathedral in eastern europe by artist lubica lintnerova

painting of a village and church tower by slovakian artist lubica lintnerova

painting of a two archways or arched gateways in an old european city by artist lubica lintnerova

fantasy painting of european city with spiraling church towers by artist lubica lintnerova

fantasy art painting of a european cathedral twisting and curved by artist lubica lintnerova

lubica lintnerova painting of a european city with curvy church towers and rooftops

painting of eastern european castle by lubica lintnerova

surreal fantasy painting of church cathedrals swaying by artist lubica lintnerova

About the Artist
Ľubica was born (6.11.1964) and still lives in Slovakia, in the city called Banská Bystrica, specifically in the city-part Rudlová (at one time it was autonomous community) and more specifically – Under Hrbčok. She studied artistic ceramics and was fascinated by oil-painting.

The first graphic i have received from her, I called “Blue”. White cottage with blue window-frames, old wooden water-well, flowers in blue barrow and from roof on going signature “Ľubica”… Alphas, one after another, flying up into the sky like smoke. They are dancing. When she was painting this graphic, I love above all (because it is the first one), her houses were not dancing yet. They just gradually began to wobble aside from the side, sometimes the roofs are nearly touching the ground. And this began to be characteristics feature for her creating. Dancing houses, cottages, castles, villages, cities and also squares. She is breathing life into them. The soul. The story… She transforms non-living things to being full of life, with ideas and colors, which are communicating with all human perceptions.

To tell about her, she is painting since she was a child, can sound like a cliche. But this is the truth. Already her fairy tale like drawings relief-ed different expositions. Ľubica is not an extrovert type, she is just the opposite. She has her own world and she is happy in it. This is because she painted many years only for herself, friends, family. Maybe it would stay like this until today, not to be a coincidence, which caused, that Ľubica´s graphics get “into the world“, between the people and brings gladness to all of them. The first time offered the coincidence to Ľubica the possibility to make a praque calendar for the year 2004. Her paintings of the old Praque appeared in the Praques calendars with small changes also the following two years. Again thanks coincidence got her works into the hands of the convener of international paint symposium and she got invitation for the plain. The idea, she has to paint between prestigious artists, made her dread. The first time she also showed her artwork only. And after all she cried from happiness, when she heard reminiscences of artists and visitors of the exposition. Since then she exhibited twice at Košice and several times on the symposium.

Painting is for Ľubica love, but also a game. She is happy when she paints and this you can feel also from her paintings. She plays with the theme, colors, brings into the linen laugh, dance, wind, whisper… She puts the colors so that they act silly, so that they do not disturb. Because of this her paintings evoke in the people a good mood, quiet down and hereby disquiet. As she would be a part of them. When she puts her signature on the completed painting, she puts it on a place, where she feels, it should be. In my “Blue” it is on the roof. At the portrait of the grandfather it is on the lapel of his jacket…

Ľubica paints things she loves. Comfort, calmness, goodness, laughing, memories, nature, houses, people, animals. Her house is full of animals, smells with olive-colors and breaths with indescribable comfort atmosphere. And all this you can feel also in her paintings.
– Written by Anna Gudzová

Artist Ľubica Lintnerová’s Website & Social Media

Article by James Day

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  1. Your paintings are delightful and quirky, full of character and lovely little details. I always want to step into this world and escape. Each day when I look at your paintings it gives me a lift and makes me smile… thank-you lovely Lubica x

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