John Stuart (Artist)
Crayon Drawings

crayon drawings by john stuart of an old yellow 60s style 2 story house

very detailed crayon drawing of Euruopean harbor town by artist john stuart

crayon drawing of an old rusted out chevy truck next to gas pump by artist john stuart

crayon drawing by john stuart of a tree lined driveway leading to a white cottage

artist john stuart crayon drawing of an island with large lighthouse

drawing of a castle on hilltop overlooking town by artist john stuart

drawing of historic ancient castle ruins by john stuart

drawing of a beautiful creek in the forest by artist john stuart

crayon drawing by john stuart of river with rocks and trees in nature

About the Artist
The Scottish artist John Stuart, who goes by the art name of Stushie has been drawing and doodling for as long as he can remember. He now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee and has been pastoring at Erin Presbyterian church there for over fifteen years.

Several years ago, he started an arts project of drawing the Book of Psalms for children. So far he has completed 101 of 150 potential drawings. During the project, he stumbled across a process of using wax crayons tocreate chalk-like drawings. He calls the process “Digital Glass” because he initially used it to create stained glass patterns.

In the past year, Stushie has developed this process to produce beautiful landscapes, still life, and other drawings of subjects that interest him. After each drawing is made and the digital print is created, the pictures display a lot of texture and some of the wildlife ones that Stushie has created are almost 3-D.

Stushie has exhibited his artwork in various coffee houses in Knoxville, Tennessee and has sold almost 200 prints.

“Stushie” is a Scottish word for a fight, something radical, or a rabble-rouser…

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Article by James Day

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9 thoughts on “Detailed Crayon Drawings by John Stuart”

  1. Jim, great to hear from you. Are you on Facebook or can I contact you by email? I still remember those wonderful days and still miss John McCartney. God bless you. You can reach me by email Jim at

  2. hey john, long,long,long time.remember 428 club those were the days eh? all seems in the long and distant past so many things have happened since those days. I so often remember fondly and lovingly our long walks home the night we handed out tracts in Bob Dylan queue and the night we helped the guy in george square remember? hope all is going well for you Evelyne and family by the way i knew you had many talents didn’t know art was one of them.
    MAY GOD SHOWER YOU WITH HIS BLESSINGS as you continue giving yourself in his work.

    your brother in Christ, jim

  3. John is a multi-talented amazing man of God. He inspires all of us in his congregation to use ourselves for God`s glory. Everyone has a gift to share and John`s gifts are many.

  4. I am blessed to have several prints from Mr. Stewart hanging in my house. The thing I love most about them is how lost you can get simply by looking at them. They draw you in…almost putting you directly in the moment. Thank you for sharing your talents, and inspiration with us! – Rickey McCallum

  5. I have been an admirer from afar for a long time through the art John Stuart shares with his daily devotional. I would love to own one of his pieces.
    An absolutely amazing talent
    Mary Elyn

  6. Enjoy reading your daily devotion and seeing your art/drawing work. Several pictures in the above reminds me of old south and some gives European flavor.

    One of my favorite movie is Forest Gump. Tom Hank plays the main character.
    In one of the scenes in the movie Forest Gum returns home to Green-bow AL in his army uniform the shot is taken from the inside of the home with his mother (Sally Fields) standing, right behind Forest Gump green grass and typical of Moss trees (I am not sure about the exact name of these trees but exclusively seen/grows in south with lots of filaments like growth hanging down). The 4th picture from top with green grass and a straight road and house in the background and Moss trees looks beautiful.

  7. Beautiful art regardless of your chosen technique. I love the steam overhung by dogwoods. It really comes to life.

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