Scott Scheidly (Artist)
Modern Figurative Paintings

surreal figurative painting birds flying off shirt

japanese woman robot painting

figurative surreal painting girl walking dog

lowbrow painting tank girl

lowbrow acrylic painting

surreal painting girl walking beast moon mars

painting devil driving humvee through oil field

painting smokey the bear nuclear power plant

acrylic figurative paintings

acrylic figurative political painting

About the Artist
Scott was born and raised in the high plains of Peru, in the ghettos of Machu Picchu. The legends describe him as a boy conceived of a virgin, shaman mother. From an early age Scott displayed an abundance of artistic flair with his then controversial, llama poo life size sculptures of life size llama poo.

His talent continued to flourish, nurtured greatly by his mother’s implementation of a strict diet of moon pies and peyote. By age 11, the plan submitted by Scott was chosen as the design for the new “Temple of the Sun” in Machu Picchu. This won him the prestigious “Inca Golden LLama” award.

Due to his prodigious artistic accomplishments, the city elders decided to ship him to Atlantis, the epicenter of culture at the time, for training in the classical arts. Here Scott developed his now famous technique of painting and drawing with the mediums of squid ink and ground sea slug feces.

Upon graduation from the Atlantis Academy of Art, Scott opened his own institution of higher learning, the Atlantis School of Scott (better known as ASS). Unfortunately, the school failed miserably, mostly due to the constant barrage of posterior jokes heaped upon its students. It’s no fun being the butt end of a joke.

Scott has somewhat recovered from this failure and still paints to this day. If you are lucky, you will never come across his art, as it has the ability to burn ones eyes, so the blind say.

Nostradamus once said of Scott, “This man is the greatest artist yet to be born!”.

Artist Scott Scheidly’s Website & Social Media

Article by James Day

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