Letizia Gavioli (Artist)
Mechanical Paintings – “MECCANOMORFE – Detailed mechanical elements, assembled and linked with fantasy to show a particular aesthetic touch.

letizia gavioli painting of mechanical devices

letizia gavioli painting of a city of mechanics

letizia gavioli painting of columns and islamic architecture that looks like enlarged mechanical parts

letizia gavioli painting of mechanical parts that look like towers and columns almost like chess pieces

letizia gavioli painting or illustration of an islamic center made of mechanical like parts enlarged to be columns and architecture

illustration painting by letizia gavioli of a surreal machine like person made of mechanical parts

illustrated painting of machine parts that morph and become a person by letizia gavioli

illustrated painting of machine parts that morph to create an abstract human figure by letizia gavioli

painting or watercolor illustration of mechanical parts that morph to create an abstract human form by letizia gavioli

watercolor painting or illustration of mechanical parts assembled to represent the human form by letizia gavioli

surreal illustrated painting of mechanical parts morphed into the human form by letizia gavioli

illustration by letizia gavioli of an ostrich morphed from mechanical parts

About the Artist
Letizia was born in Rome on 12.02.1973, where she currently lives and works. She has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, under the guidance of Professor Gino Marotta, attending his Decorative Arts course; she graduated in 2002 and was awarded with the highest degree.

Her art works feature detailed mechanical elements, assembled and linked with fantasy to show, with her particular aesthetic touch, views of imaginary cities blended with anthropomorphic shapes.

The artist’s intention for the use of mechanical steel and iron pieces is neither to diminish the natural shape of the human body nor to replace it; instead the natural and the built are considered at the same level, both sources of beauty and inspiration.

Motor engines, intricate mechanical parts and industrial components evolve into new meaning, a new existence, the artist turning and assembling them as if building toys.

Shapes and characteristics of animals, a frog, ram, ant… represented through the angular formations and intricacies of the mechanics. Indeed, this mechanical world is encompassed by a unifying theme, drawing the natural and built worlds into one, with imagination as the necessary protagonist. Not merely bolts, screws and cylinders but rather imagination opens a world of fantastical representations of the human existence.

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Article by James Day

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