Gary Churchman (Sculptor, Carver and Stone Letter-Cutter) –
Marble Sculpture

hand carved marble capitals by stone sculptor gary churchman


larger than life size sculpture of greek god by sculptor gary churchman

3 lion sculptures carved in stone by master sculptor artist gary churchman

hi bas relief figurative sculpture by gary churchman

marble capitol sculpture by gary churchman

Enjoying the experience of 34 years working with stone, clay and drawing. Having carried out my 3 year indenture apprenticeship in carving and lettering, I furthered my education studying for a (Honours) B.A in Fine Art Sculpture at the University of Northumberland, since graduating I have been working freelance in the South of the UK.

Practicing as a freelance Stone Carver and Letter Carver for the last 27 years, working upon many prestigious projects. Taking commissions or as a sub-contractor, the work can be site-specific, bespoke, replication or restoration either on-site or carved in the studio. Most of my artwork has been in and around London and the South.

Classical forms of flora and fauna particularly interest me, a lifelong passion for horticulture, architecture and design are a continuing influence and inspire my interpretations. Plant forms play a major roll in many historic forms of decoration, many features applied to buildings have their roots firmly in the evolution of these forms, of particular importance is the Acanthus and the Angelica both extensively used since classical times in many glorious interpretations.

Liberating three dimensional forms – carving shallow or deep relief, figurative, foliage or floral, sometimes patterns or elaborate designs, these variations along with creativity are the essence of my stone carving work. Civic, secular or ecclesiastic either working within the confines of the studio or on-site.

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