Godfrey Blow (Artist)
Surreal Landscape Paintings

architectural surrealist painting by godfrey blow

surrealist tree painting by godfrey blow

surreal painting by godfrey blow

surreal painting

godfrey blow surreal painting

surreal painting of a rocky hillside by godfrey blow

surreal painting of trees and landscapes by godfrey blow

“The cycle of life and death, the idea of regeneration, the connectivity of nature, the. body and the spirit, all these individually held and communally accepted concepts can be detected in these works. As such, Blow touches some part of our intellect or emotion with his highly complex imagery.” – Judith McGrath

Much of my current work is concerned with investigating natural forms, which give an insight into the nature, and meaning of existence. The work is based on a study of the landscapes of Britain, Australia and Thailand. Organic, human forms and symbolic imagery are woven into the fabric of the paintings. I use sources from pagan mythology and other areas, representing them using my own visual language. Despite being personal I believe the elements in the work will strike a universal chord. The art works are spiritual in nature, and through layers and textures of paint, I have endeavoured to reveal an inner truth by using many facets of imagery in a multi-dimensional manner.

More recently I have completed a series of paintings using human figures often combining them with landscape. This has developed into self-examination of my life and eventually into a series of self-portraits. In one particular portrait, Self-Portrait – out of place, out of time, I have attempted to depict how I experience my place in the world as an artist and a human being. Quite often I feel I am an outsider in this modern world; totally out of place and I could easily belong to another time.

Godfrey was born in North Hykeham, Lincolnshire, England in 1948. He gained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 1971. From 1973-74 he attended Manchester Metro University, where he qualified as a teacher. His first solo exhibition was held in London in 1976 and followed by another in 1980.

He emigrated to Australia in 1982. Numerous solo and mixed exhibitions of his work have been held in Western Australia since 1982. He has also participated in a number of mixed shows in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, United Kingdom, India, China and Canada. His work is represented in private and public collections in Australia, including The Art Gallery of Western Australia, Artbank Australia, University of Western Australia and the collections of the cities of Bunbury, Albany and Fremantle. In addition he has won several prestigious art awards in Western Australia. In October of 2006, Blow was a finalist in Australia’s richest award for landscape painting, the Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Art Prize, South Australia.

Since 2002 he has exhibited with the Stuckist group most notably in their landmark exhibition, The Stuckist Punk Victorian at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial. He was also one of the featured artists exhibiting in the Triumph of Stuckism, which comprised part of Liverpool’s 2006 Biennial, United Kingdom. Godfrey Blow was one of the 30 finalists in the 2008 Doug Moran National Portrait prize and was selected as a highly commended, runner-up. The exhibition was held in Sydney and traveled around Australia for the rest of 2008. During this year the artist was also a finalist in the Alice Bale Art Award, Victoria and the Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize, Queensland. In 2010 he was selected as a finalist in the city of Perth Black Swan Portrait Prize.

Exhibitions between 2000 – 2010
2000 City of Albany Art Prize, Albany, W.A.
2001 Salek-Minc Art Exhibition, Jewish Center, Yokine, W. A.
2002 Minawarra Festival Art Exhibition, Armadale, W. A.
2002 Art of the Refugee, Moores Building, Fremantle, W.A.
2002 Cossack Art Award, Cossack, W.A.
2002 The First Stuckist International, Stuckist International Center, London, England.
2002 “Stuck up North”, Newcastle Art Center, Newcastle, England.
2002 “Stuck Down South”, Fad Gallery, Chinatown, Melbourne, Victoria.
2003 “Fire On!”, Stafford Studio, Cottesloe, Perth, W. A.
2003 Minnawarra Festival Art Award, Armadale, W. A.
2004 Cossack Art Award, Invited Artists Only, Cossack, W.A.
2004 Mixed Passions, Stafford Studio of Fine Art, Cottesloe,
Perth, W.A.
2004 The Stuckist Punk Victorian, Liverpool Biennial, The Walker and Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool, England.
2004 Stuckist International Center (Germany), Atelier
Lewenhagen, Germany.

Artist Godfrey Blow’s Website
Saatchi Art

Article by James Day

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