Russ Potak (Artist)
Expressionist Paintings

pathway to robert frosts house

expressionist painting of a seaside harbor village

painting of a hazy harbor with docks and boats

expressionist painting of people on the beach

expressionist painting of the sun shinning through a forrest

expressionist painting of beach

expressionist painting of a cup of coffee with spoon

About the Artist
As I was heading home from a visit to a nice gallery in Vermont, I stopped along the way to visit the grounds and homestead of Robert Frost, the beloved American poet. I walked in his woods, and took with me, a few sketches of the surroundings. This is my painting of that visitation.

Mood is so important to me in a painting. For me, its why I paint. The way I feel, the impressions I experience, and the the sensations that culminate while observing life.

The thing that motivates me the most with my painting is the use of color and paint. For me its all about those things. The subject can be stimulating, but only to the point that it provides a vehicle for my painting. I paint for the excitement and discovery of bringing to the canvas a visual life in paint, of new and never before seen things. Something that is new to my eyes.

The act of manipulating paint upon a canvas in order to reveal something that is not apparent in the already known representation of the subject,… is exhilarating. New things can evolve from the process of painting which produce endless discoveries into the mysteries of art.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
University of Massachusetts/ Amherst, Ma
Has shown publicly and privately in New England and Colorado
Resides in the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts

I make my home here in the beautiful Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts where I can occasionally be found in local coffee shops with pen and sketchpad in hand. I frequent the wooded hills, the nearby lakes, and the small towns and communities, absorbing inspiration from which to paint. Being only a minute down the road from a lake with wonderful mountain vistas and a great walking and biking trail, I never try to miss a summer sunset down by the dock. So, from this small New England hamlet, I gather up my sketches and memories, and produce my paintings. My art, I hope,… speaks of my life.

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Article by James Day

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2 thoughts on “Expressionist Paintings by Russ Potak”

  1. Thanks Sharon. To paint a place is one thing, but to capture that “Sense of Place” is another. I always try for the feeling and mood of the location, rather than an actual depiction.~ I really appreciate your nice comments.

  2. Love this work!! Each piece tells a story and creates a feeling and mood. I can envision myself actually at these places and each time I look at them I see a different view. Excellent!

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