Lynn Goodpasture (Artist)
Beautiful Mosaics

mosaic profile of a person

wall mosaic in a public mall

mosaic wall of colorful ferns

clock tree mosaic

public clock mosaic

colorful mosaic going around a column

beautiful mosaic

column with a mosaic going around it

architectural glass window in the main lobby and adjacent cylindrically-shaped  aquatic therapy center of Mott Children’s Center

custom underwater mosaic on swimming pool wall

blue mosaic of water swirl

blue mosaic

About the Artist

Lynn Goodpasture is an artist and designer of large-scale public art for national and international clients. She takes a versatile site-specific approach to her work, creating permanent art installations that are integrated with architecture and other surrounding environments. She works in a variety of mediums to fit each unique milieu, and personalizes each installation to capture the spirit of a communitythrough research and design.

Extensive collaboration is critical to each of Goodpastures large-scale projects in order to effectively meld with the environments at-hand. A diverse group of fabricators, architects and installers are mainstays to each project and her public art may also include working with city councils, boards of directors, or other decision-makers.

Goodpasture values art that provides a public service. Her goal for many permanent art installations is to make a direct connection to the public via an aesthetic design that offers inspiration for creative thought and action:

• An interactive geometric stone and tile labyrinth is the central feature of the playground at Central Los Angeles Learning Center #1, Los Angeles Unified School Districts new elementary school at the site of the old Ambassador Hotel. Memorializing the historic Ambassador hotel through custom tile designs, the labyrinth contains 11 large basalt slabs for the students to use for their own art, and for teachers to use as an interactive educational tool.

• Life-sized figures of children ride on the minute-hand of a 12.5′ diameter public clock in West Hollywood, California, inspiring a world beyond conventional boundaries for children.

• Photovoltaic cells embedded in art glass in a San Jose public library provide electricity to a suspended art glass lamp at the library entrance while offering a juxtaposition of past and future with glass-engraved artwork that explores the evolution of alphabets.

• A mosaic mural comprised of giant glass seashells floating in a sweeping wave of water surround a swimming pool used for physical therapy in a Puyallup, Washington childrens hospital, offering patients the notion of buoyancy and relaxation.

Goodpasture works with a wide variety of applications in both interior and exterior settings, including building-integrated photovoltaics and art glass in architectural windows, mosaic murals, tile and stone mosaic flooring, public clocks, bronze and aluminum lighting elements, cast aluminum architectural structures and tile benches.

Her art installations can be found in a wide variety of locations, including schools, hospitals, transportation facilities and private homes, as well as an animal shelter, cruise ship, residential development, and a public library.

Artist Lynn Goodpasture’s Website

Article by James Day

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