Zarko Baseski (Artist)
Life-Like Sculptures

Hyper realistic sculpture called ordinary man by zarko baseski - larger than life size

Hyperrealistic sculpture of Philip II Macedonian larger than life size

Solo art exhibit showing his sculptures self portrait and ordinary man

Hyper-realistic sculpture called self portrait - less than life size sculpture

Photo of artist and sculptor zarko baseski working on his hyper realistic sculptures

About the Artist
Zarko graduated on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1988 and acquired the M.A. degree at the same institution, in 1998. He is a member of DLUM (Macedonian Artists Association) since 1988. Since 1989 works at the Faculty of Fine Art in Skopje, and in 2010 he been appointed a Professor of the Sculpture Department at the same Faculty.

Only three works make up the exhibition Link of the sculptor Zarko Baseski, which opened at the Culture and Information Center in Skopje in August. The audience was thrilled. Comments show that the exhibition was a great success for Baseski, who is currently in the center of attention due to his sculptures of Goce Delcev, Dame Gruev and St. Cyril and Methodius for the government-funded project concerning the city square. For the first time in Macedonia, Baseski brought conceptual art which has been present around the world for quite some time – sculptures made of silicone, which as he says is a light, efficient and practical material. It brought with it a new approach to the hyper-realistic technique.

According to Maja Cankulovska – Mihajlovska, an art historian, it is quite rare to see a sculpture of a human figure, let alone with this new approach. The project has two over sized human portraits, and one minimized self-portrait. Baseski explained that he was just the link between the two characters he had chosen to represent the topic he was working on, that is humanity.

“The author thinks and worries about the ordinary man who is struggling to come out, to break free and, through the metaphor of Philip II as a collective subconsciousness, he is worried about our history, he carries the questions whether we will still ‘be’, what will happen?”, said Baseski, who has worked on this project with great intensity for the past four years.

Solo Exibitions
2010 Ohrid, Centre of Culture “Grigor Prlicev”
2010 Prilep, Art Gallery – Culture Center “Marko Cepenkov”
2010 Skopje, Culture and Information Center
2010 New York, Galleru MC
2004 Skopje, Sculptures, Museum of the City of Skopje
1998 Skopje Sculpture-Temple Hram, Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
1997 Skopje, Art Gallery – Daut Pasha Amam – Skopje
1994 Skopje, Culture and Information Center
1993 Bitola, Art Gallery
1993 Prilep, Art Gallery – Culture Center “Marko Cepenkov”
1984 Prilep,Art Gallery – Culture Center “Marko Cepenkov”

Group Exhibition (Selection)
2008 Skopje, Refresh Yourself, Macedonia Square, Museum of the City of Skopje
2008 Bari (Italy), Presentation of the Macedonian Culture
2005 New York (USA), Gallery MC
2004 Skopje, Exhibition from the Collection of the City Assembly Skopje
Skopje, DLUM Annual Exhibition
2003 Skopje, Portrait, DLUM
1998 Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery
1997 Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery
Skopje, HARFA Gallery
1996 Skopje, Installation, Chifte Amam
Skopje, House of ARM
G. Milanovac (SCG), IV International Biennail of Miniature Art
Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery
1995 Istanbul, (Turkey)
Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA)
Skopje, Exhibition from the Fine Arts Collony in Prilep, KIC
1994 Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery
1993 Skopje, Drawings, DLUM Annual Exhibition
Skopje Exhibition of 14 professors from the Faculty of Fine Arts, ANIMA Gallery
Tempi, Arizona (USA), Drawings, Weatherspoon Art Gallery
Skopje, Small Plastic, Art Gallery
Skopje, Drowings – Biennail, National Library Kliment Ohridski
Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery
1992 Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery
1991 Skopje, Small Plastic, Art Gallery
1990 Skopje, 10th Anniversary since the foundation of the Faculty of Fine Arts, ANIMA Gallery
1989 Skopje, II Youth Biennail, Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
Skopje, DLUM Annual Exhibition
1988 Skopje Graduated students from the FFA
Skopje, DLUM Annual Exhibition
1984 Skopje, Happening, Youth Center

Public Performances – Sculptures and Monuments
2010 Horsman monument of Dame Gruev, bronze, Macedonia Square, Skopje
2010 Horsman monument of Goce Delcev, bronze, Macedonia Square, Skopje
2010 Itar Pejo“, bronze, Prilep
2007 Monuments of the “Defenders of Macedonia”, marble, Skopje
2006 “Broken Wing”, bronze and granite, Skopje
2005 “Alexander the Great”, bronze, Prilep
2004 “Phoenix”, steel, Bul. Macedonia, Skopje
1999 “Sculpture-Temple” – the Dome, processed brick, stone, metal – the plateau on Str. Kliment Ohridski, Skopje
1998 Iconostasis in the church St. Leontie in Vodocha, Strumica
A portrait of Dimitar Makedonski, marble, the school yard of the Elementary School “Domitar Makedonski”, Skopje
Part of the project “Sculpture-Temple”, stone, the plateau in front of the Museum of Contemprary Art-Skopje

2008 II Interpretative Award on the Competition for Monument of St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje
2008 III Award on the International Competition for horseman, Philip II, Skopje
2008 I Interpretative Award on the International Competition for Horseman sculptures of Goce Delcev and Dame Gruev, Macedonia Square, Skopje
2008 III Award, Water fontain with Sculpture of Philip II, Skopje
2007 III Award on the international Competition for horseman sculpture and water fountain of Alexander the Great, Skopje
2004 DLUM Anual Award “Nerezi Masters”, Museum of the City of Skopje
1998 DLUM Annual Award “Nerezi Masters”, Art Gallery, Skopje
1993 DLUM Annual Award “Small Plastic”, Art Gallery, Skopje

Artist Zarko Baseski’s Website

Article by James Day

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