Heather Simonsmeier (Artist)
Amazing Pencil Drawings

music bands pencil drawing

pencil drawing of aborigine

watercolor painting of remote bridge crossing river and forest

pencil drawing of wolf

pencil drawing of a young girl

watercolor painting of modern city in Japan

About the Artist

Heather started taking an interest in art at a young age. All through middle school and high school she took many art classes as her options. In these classes, she discovered her love for the pencil and her eye for detail. Also, watercolor was the main medium she learned and used in high school. She loves to work with portraits, people, figures, and landscapes.

Currently, Heather is at the young age of 19, and is stepping her foot in many different areas of art. She takes interest not only in traditional medium, but also photography and digital work. Currently, she specializes her time in developing her photo-realism skills especially in graphite, but would love to continue her discovery in other forms of art.

She is presently a second year university student working towards a BA with a major in art and design and a minor in math at the University of Alberta. She is focusing on drawing and painting, and is hoping to try out many new mediums. She attended her first year at UBC in Vancouver where she learned some basics in drawing, painting, and photoshop. As she learns and develops in school she hopes to become inspired for her art to come.

For Heather, art is a nice escape from reality. It is a chance to use her creativity and create something from nothing. Her views as an artist are still growing and developing.

Heather has done some commissions and has acquired a lot of praise from her friends, family and classmates. She is currently working on networking and meeting people in the world of art. She is excited to grow and learn in her area of interest.

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Article by James Day

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