Abhishek Kumar (Artist)
Figurative Drawing

About the Artist (Translation via Google Translator)
Abhishek is 21 years old from Delhi. Attached material with everything of it, many angels and evils retentions joined with me since from my day i was born. Evils are still chasing and angels are still saving. In past life saw many unforeseen incidents which is why I made my frustration as my confidence.

For me life is an game. Sometimes I lose and every time I win, because I tried to run as far as from every sin. Many levels of this game still have to be unlocked. I’m still working hard, playing apart until the crops are grown. I hope hard work will never let me down.

Losing is a part of life. But getting up and fighting again is the true ART OF LIFE. Fight until u win, fight and give your best, and find what’s next?

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Article by James Day

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